How to Change Phone Number in WhatsApp for iPhone and iPad Cellular

Uninstalling Apps from an iPhone is hesitant you, In case giving unexpected errors and crashes, Now for WhatsApp has been a very boring job, are you uninstalling WhatsApp on your iPhone for the reason of change contact number? Then wait and go through this article and change your WhatsApp iPhone number easily way, Without losing text messages, friends contacts list, Groups, and pictures.

Don’t go anywhere, this is trusted and self-confident by WhatsApp’s official way. You don’t need any third-party Apps, Jailbreak processes and more.

Note: I clarified that you can use another phone number that you own, but not the one being used on WhatsApp.

If you are changing your number someone tracking you or tolerate then hide last seen time from the profile as privacy from your WhatsApp account app.

Prerequisite: Make sure you have turn Wi-Fi or Data career network must be turned on.

The new number must be running on any device: Because you will receive a text or Call for verification.

After complete the below steps, your number migrates all the Account info, Settings and Contacts/ Groups automatically.

Step to migrate/ Change WhatsApp iPhone number: iOS

Step 1: Go to the WhatsApp App and Launch WhatsApp app on your iPhone.

Step 2: Next, Open the WhatsApp settings option from the below tab.

open up whatsapp and tap on settings appear right - lower on the screen on iPhone to take backup

Step 3: Under the setting screen, Tap on Account.

Step 4: Next, Tap on Change number, Verify prerequisite details given above.

Change WhatsApp iPhone number screen setting

Step 5: Tap on Next, Now you can see the Number box to submit your Old and New number.

Old Phone number: Already running WhatsApp recently

New Phone number: New number that you want to migrate on.

Now, you will receive a text or Call for verification that one choose in the verification process.

You did Change the WhatsApp iPhone number setup steps.

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What happens when you change your number on WhatsApp?

Once you change the WhatsApp number, you will no longer use the old number to send messages or use any WhatsApp services. If someone will send WhatsApp message to your old number, it won’t be delivered, since you have changed the WhatsApp number. Your Chats will remain as it is and Groups won’t affect too.

Can a blocked person see my newly changed number on WhatsApp?

Even though you change the WhatsApp number, the blocked person can’t see your Profile, Status, Can’t Send Messages and other information.

How does WhatsApp Notify Contacts of Number Change?

When you follow the process to change the number on WhatsApp, you’ll be asked to choose with whom you want to Notify, whether, All Contacts, Contacts I have chats with and Custom. Depending upon your selected option, WhatsApp will notify contacts.

Can I change the WhatsApp number without notifying contacts?

Yes, while changing WhatsApp number, you have to Disable Notify Contacts option, regardless, all the groups will be notified with a silent message.

Can WhatsApp change number keep chat history on iPhone?

Despite changing WhatsApp number on iPhone, all of your chats and group chats will retain and stay as long as you won’t delete it.

WhatsApp number change message to friends?

If you want to notify your friends about changing WhatsApp number than make the custom list of the friends to notify while changing the WhatsApp number.

What happens to WhatsApp when I change my SIM Card?

Nothing! WhatsApp doesn’t need SIM once you have verified your number with WhatsApp. You’ll still enjoy WhatsApp chats, send media, put status and everything.

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Confidently, Successfully Change WhatsApp iPhone number running on iOS. Having you have any confusion, then share it with us in the comment box.

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