How to Charge Airpods Without Case (All Working Solutions)

Here are the Different ways to how to charge airpods pro without charging case for AirPods Pro 2, AirPods Pro, AirPods 3, AirPods 2.

Once you become part of the elite Apple ecosystem, you try myriad ways to safeguard your expensive investment. The same is the case with the AirPods Charging case.

Not in your wildest dream did you think of losing your AirPods case. However, what if you lose the AirPods case or forget to bring the charging case with you when you are out for an extended period? The First question that hits your mind is how to charge AirPods without a charging case.

Don’t worry. We will provide you with some alternative solutions for various cases and debunk the myth surrounding Charge Airpods without a charging case. due to these reasons, airpods won’t connect to iPhone or Mac.

Case 1: AirPods Charging case is lost

Suppose your charging case is lost or stolen. Therefore, in this scenario, you need to buy a replacement charging case for your AirPods.

You can buy replacement charging cases for Airpods 1st generation and 2nd generation from amazon or the Apple store. Further, if you owe AirPods 3rd generation or AirPods pro, you can get a replacement Charging case from Apple Store.

Case 2: AirPods Charging case is damage

In the worst scenario, your AirPods charging case accidentally gets damaged. In addition, materials, workmanship defects, or batteries retain less than 80% of their original capacity. Hence, if you have AppleCare+ for your AirPods, you can get a Replacement or repair charging case after paying a $29 service fee.

Case 3: AirPods Charging case is misplaced

Suppose your charging case is misplaced in your house, work area, or nearby place. Therefore, in this case, if you have AirTag for your Airpods charging case, you can easily find your Airpods with a case, even if it’s dead! So, if you don’t owe Airtag go and get Airtag for your Charging case and live tension free.

You can find misplaced or lost AirPods via the account and the Find My app.

Steps to find AirPods via iCloud account

Launch on mac or PC > Sign in With Apple Id > Click All devices > Click your AirPods.

See your AirPods Location on Mac. if it’s under Bluetooth range then you will get navigation help on your screen. Here’s for AirPods Pro 2…

Steps to find AirPods via Find My

You can use the Find My app for AirPods Pro and Airpods 3rd generation.

Open Find My app on iPhone/mac/iPad > Select Devices tab > choose your AirPods.

Alternative Solution to charge AirPods without a charging case

  1. You can temporarily borrow AirPods charging case from your friends or family member nearby. However, every time you both need to reset it when you charge it.
  2. You can buy and use third-party Smart Portable Power Supply for AirPods. For instance, Ahousme Smart Portable Power Supply for AirPods is neck mounted anti-lost Charger. Further, with Ahousme portable charger, your AirPods never run out of power, and you can charge on the go. The charging sockets are made from hard rubber to maintain sturdiness and security. Buy it on
  3. Nowadays, many best Third-party Wireless charging cases are available on various platforms. From there, get an excellent third-party wireless charging case for your AirPods.

[Tips: Before buying any third-party product, first look for Product reviews and accordingly find the best Product]

1. Charging Airpods with App 

You can only charge Apple AirPods via AirPods case or Qi chargers and not by any Application. Therefore, if any App claims it will be fraud, be aware.

2. Charging Airpods with narrow Pin

This myth claims you can charge AirPods using DIY chargers or Nokia 1110’s narrow pin charger. However, it is not feasible to use this way as it will damage your AirPods battery.


After going through the whole article, you will understand that no hacks or temporary Solutions work better than the original replacement. Therefore, stop looking for one.

It will be a little tough on your budget, but only a new replacement charging case from an authorized store is permanent and the best Solution.

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