How to Clean Pro Display XDR Display: Here’s Complete Guide

Apple’s Pro Display XDR requires a special, Apple made a piece of cloth to clean. Don’t even think the display with wet or any other cloth, Apple has made a polishing cloth that can only be used to cleanse the matte nano-texture display. Though this restriction is only for nano-texture glass displays, Apple didn’t specifically mention why to use this specific polishing cloth over any other cleaner, most probably the display requires special treatment and it is made that way.

The reason behind this matte display is to maintain the contrast and for some other reasons, said by Apple. Surprisingly, other than accessories or products this is the first time any user will have to ask for replacement of cleaning cloth directly from Apple. You can’t get it from Amazon or in the local Apple store. Currently, Apple didn’t specify the replacement cost of polishing cloth, but yes, you have to treat the nano-texture display quite gently and only after reading instructions.

How to Clean Apple Pro Display XDR

To clean the nano-texture glass,

Take out the dry polishing cloth that you have received with the Pro Display XDR, that dry cloth is used to clean out the smudges or minor dust particles. Keep note that, don’t use any liquid to clean the nano-texture display and store the cloth at a dry place.

In case if you have misplaced or lost the polishing cloth, then ask Apple to provide a replacement for the polishing cloth.  Because the nano-texture screen is delicate and if you use any other piece of cloth then it would leave prints on the screen.

To clean the standard glass

You can use a polishing cloth that came with the display or any other dry, micro-fiber piece of cloth to swab the dust and smudges. Unlike, nano-texture display, in Standard Glass, you can use a wet cloth to wipe out the screen. Before using water with a cloth, kindly remove the power adapter of Pro Display XDR.

If you are using any liquid then make sure it doesn’t have acetone. One most important thing you should keep in mind that not to spray the cleaner/liquid on the display as it may slide into the machine and result in hardware damage.

To clean the stand and enclosure

The enclosure is the side panels of your Pro Display and you know what stand is. Take out the power cord and other connected accessories from the display. Avoid the use of window cleaners, solvents, abrasives, cleaners that have hydrogen peroxide, aerosol sprays, ammonia or household cleaners, to wipe the enclose. Use a soft, lint-free and more of a damp cloth.

If you feel there is dust in the enclosure, then bring a vacuum or use an anti-electrostatic brush point to remove dust. Apple doesn’t recommend to clean the enclosure with compressed air.

How to Clean Polishing Cloth

After cleaning the Pro Display XDR, if you feel like polishing cloth also needs to be scoured, you can use dish wash and water to hand wash the cloth. Later rinse it and let it dry for at least 24 hours.

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