How to connect Bluetooth headphones to Apple TV 4: Wireless Speaker

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Big life event introduced as an Apple TV 4th generation, with smashing improvements and new hardware functionality, Noticeable and useful features are Bluetooth 4.0, Extended Wi-Fi, USB type. From them, a great one is supporting wireless Bluetooth enabled Speaker, Headphone/ Headset. So you can enjoy game audio, Movie/ TV shows/ Live streaming, and more wirelessly at a remote place alone. But for connection between Apple TV and Speaker or Headphone. So, first, you have to connect Bluetooth headphones to Apple TV 4 using the below steps.

Not only single wireless device connect, but you can also add more one by one manually from your Apple TV 4 settings.

Connect Bluetooth headphone to apple TV 4 steps by step

Note: Apple TV 4 is able to find all types of Bluetooth-enabled devices like Bluetooth Headphone, Game Controllers, Speakers, Sound Bar, Bluetooth Keyboards, and many others.

But for that, you should allow/ Accept connection requests to your Apple TV 4 settings manually or individually for security purposes. Some of the time you need to enter four-digit verification passcode, which should be the default for all Bluetooth devices available on product details.

Learn how to do setup or Connect Bluetooth headphone to Apple TV 4: wireless device, Sound System/ Bar

Step 1: First, Turn on your Bluetooth headphone, and put into pairing mode as of given in document guide, because different headphone or Earbuds have the different configuration.

Step 2: Next, your Apple TV 4 is eligible to make a pair with your wireless headphone. Now Go to the Apple TV settings.

Step 3: Then, Remote and Devices > Other Devices > Bluetooth.

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Now, Your Apple TV automatically searches all Bluetooth-compatible devices near to it like iOS devices.

After the search, your device name shows up Under the Other Devices section. For the first-time connection, you might need a verification password set on the headphone.

For the successfully connected device gone under my device section.

Also, you can switch between different headphones or speakers, from your Apple TV screen through Apple TV 4 Remote or Siri remote.

So, Swipe down your finger on the remote touch surface. Choose your device from the list of the connected devices.

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Still, want more help or Apple TV 4 troubleshooting steps on Connect Bluetooth headphones to Apple TV 4K, Apple TV 4th Gen, share with us on discussion section.

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