Skip & Stop “Select More Photos” & “Keep Current Selection” in iOS 16.0.2/14 on iPhone, iPad: How to Control Photo Privacy in iOS 16.0.2/14 iPhone

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

Skip or Turn off popup for App Would like to Access Your Photos after iOS 14 Update. With Options, “Select More Photos” & “Keep Current Selection” is full-fledged with Privacy settings, giving control to the end-users, and exposing the applications that are storing the private data to date. If you haven’t updated the iPhone to iOS 14, its high time to safe keep the iPhone with Apple’s privacy features. Apple announced the Photos Privacy to several apps that exchange the images from the Photos App of iPhone, if you find the application unsafe or don’t need to send photos, then simply revoke permissions and set to None.

Furthermore, apps like WhatsApp, TikTok need crucial attention, recently Apple’s other privacy feature caught TikTok spying on the clipboard data of users. So it might help you to secure the Photos and the iPhone too. Alongside, it is always recommended to give only permissions when needed most, otherwise, retract the app permissions from the Settings App of iPhone.

How to Change Photos Privacy on iPhone iOS 14

Whenever you Find or Upload photo on your iPhone apps, Apps will ask to Select More photos.. and Keep Current Selection Option popup on-screen, Let’s Skip and Allow all photos by default for selected app, You can see the Example for the Instagram app, – Instagram Would Like to Access Your Photos. This lets you share photos from your Library and save photos to Your camera roll.

Skip Select More Photos For All Apps while Select Photos on iPhone Camera Roll

Skip Select More Photos For All Apps while Select Photos on iPhone Camera Roll

I’m showing you by taking WhatsApp as an example; the same steps can be used to control the photos app privacy on any applications. Instead of WhatsApp, you can go with any application. Also, this process can be done on an individual app basis.

  1. Open the Settings App on the iOS device.
  2. Choose the app, for instance, we have taken Instagram.

    Instagram Settings on iPhone

    Instagram Settings on iPhone

  3. Tap Photos option.

    Select All Photos from App Installed on your iPhone under Privacy

    Select All Photos from App Installed on your iPhone under Privacy

  4. Then choose your preference, Selected Photos, All Photos, or None.
    • Selected Photos: This option will let you make customize lists of photos that can be accessed from the WhatsApp. Tap on Edit Selected Photos on the bottom, and choose the images.
    • All Photos: This setting will give WhatsApp entire access to the photos app.

      Allow All Photos to Access by app on iPhone and Skip Popup for Select Photos

      Allow All Photos to Access by an app on iPhone and Skip Popup for Select Photos

    • None: WhatsApp can’t access any of the photos if you set it to None. When None is selected, WhatsApp will display a message pop-up that stats, “WhatsApp does not have access to your photos or videos. To enable access, tap Settings and turn on Photos”.

Our Photos and Videos are not the property of third-party applications, so we should protect them as much as possible, this privacy feature will not allow any app to fetch the photos unless you give them authority.

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