How to Convert Keynote to Google Slides in Free: Stepwise Guide

Want to convert Keynote to Google Slides? on your Mac or PC. Many people prefer to use Google Slides to show their presentations over Video Conferencing apps. However, if you’ve received a Keynote file and want to present the same Keynote file on Google Slides or PowerPoint presentation on non-macOS, then this article will help you convert Keynote to Google Slides. To make it easier, Google has added an inbuilt feature to convert the Keynote or any other presentation format into PPTX or PPT that later can be viewed into Google Slides.

All you need is an internet connection and PC to make it possible; here’s how to convert Keynote to Google Slides in Windows PC, Mac.

here are Direct ways to Convert Apple Keynote File to Google Slides, Without Convert Apple Keynote to PowerPoint Presentation [PPT or PPTX] file.

How to Convert Keynote to Google Slides

Before you go, make sure to connect the Laptop/PC to an internet connection since you would need to upload the Keynote to Google Drive, and from there, the process will begin. This Converting process is Very Fast, Secure, Free and Without Software.

  1. Go to Google Drive on any web browser.
  2. Sign in with Google Account, ignore if already done.sign-in-with-your-gmail-account
  3. Click on the New button on the top-left side under the Drive
  4. Select File upload and find the Keynote file that you want to convert to Google Slides.drag-keynote-file-to-google-drive-or-browser-with-this-option
  5. Once the Keynote files uploads to Google Drive, see-recently-uploaded-keynote-file-under-recent-on-google-drive
  6. right-click on it and select Open With, and from the list of options, select
  7. The CloudConvert is a Drive integrated service of Google that automatically converts the file; one more time, you’ll be asked to enter the Sign In password.sign-in-with-your-gmail-account
  8. Allow Permission to Upload Converted file to Google Drive [This is Very secure & Trusted by Google]allow-permission-to-access-file-to-cloudconvert
  9. Create your Account with the username.give-username-and-register-with-cloudconvert-secure-converter
  10. The CloudConvert page will ask you to choose the format, select From Key to PPTX or PPT and click on the Convert
  11. Within few seconds, the Keynote File will automatically be converted into PowerPoint. And the PowerPoint format will be stored in Google Drive. Alternatively, you can directly download it from the
  12. Once the converted version [PPT] of Keynote appears in Google Drive, right-click on it and select Open with > Google Sheets.your-keynote-file-converted-in-to-pptx-in-google-drive
  13. Now, the Keynote file converted into PPT or PPTX
  14. That’s it.

How to Open Keynote File in Windows?

Keynote is Apple-specific software, so it won’t run on Windows or any other operating system. Fortunately, there is a way out to view Keynote files in Windows that can be done by converting the Keynote into PPT or PPTX or using the above steps to convert into Google Slides.

Hope you executed the above steps for convert Google Drive’s keynote file in to Google Slides in free. Are you looking for another solution or Having issue on converting the file then comment in the discussion box.

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