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I’ll walk you through how to create PDFs of Photos on the iPad, iPhone, and Mac without downloading any third-party application. This creates a multi-page PDF from several Photos saved on your iPhone photos app or Mac folder.

No offense App Store has dozens of PDF creator apps for iPad and iPhone that could convert any type of file into PDF format. Our only intention in presenting this post is why download any third-party application when the iPad has an inbuilt feature to save images as PDF on iPhone and iPad. So if you want to convert photos to PDF in iPadOS/iPhone, follow along.

How do I Save Photos as a PDF on the iPhone and iPad?

iOS doesn’t allow you to directly save photos as PDF on iPhone and iPad, however, if you prefer the below procedure, then it is possible to convert Photos to PDF. So, saving photos as PDFs on your iPad and iPhone is possible.

  1. Launch the β€œPhotos” app.
  2. Now, you have to select the photos from the below tabs. Select multiple photos using the section option.
  3. To do so, Find the Select option from the top right corner and mark all the pictures to create your PDF on your iPhone/iPad.
  4. Then, tap on the β€œShare” icon.
Open photos tap library click select photos and sgare icon on iPhone

5. Scroll the screen and click on Save to Files, then nine items select Save Button (Top right corner) on iCloud Drive on iPhone.

Note: It is recommended to create a new folder to avoid chaos. You can create a new folder from the same screen by tapping the β€œFolder” icon. Name the folder.

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Scroll the screen tap save to file then save button on iPhone

That’s It! The PDF of photos is ready to share with your friends and family right from the Files app.

Create Pictures into PDF on MacBook, Mac

Just like the iPhone, Let’s check how to Convert Multiple Photos to One PDF using the Preview app on MacBook Mac or Other All Mac Models. Without any Third-Party software or Online Website, we can convert Multiple photos into a PDF file on your Mac with the Preview App running on the latest macOS version. Follow the below steps,

1. Open photos in Preview app on a MacBook or Mac. Select Multiple photos at once and right-click on it. Now Click on Open or Open With > Preview.

Open finder tap downloads select photos then right click open options on mac

2. All Photos will open on the Mac Preview app.
3. Now, Select all Photos in Mac Preview [Command + A], and Go to the Top Mac Manu, File > Print.

Click file tap on print on mac

4. On the Print Screen Popup, Find the Option for Change Formate.

Select pdf on mac

5. From the drop-down option, Select Save a PDF… option.

Select save as PDF on mac

6. Also, Find the Option to Change the PDF file name. Because .jpg file is not allowed to be saved.
7. To convert a password-protected PDF file, Click on Security Options... Enter your Desired password in the First text box and Verify with the same password in the second text box.

Click on security options on mac

8. Finally, Tap on Save to Convert Photos into PDF files on Mac.

Click OK button on mac

That’s it.

Write back to us, if you find any improvement or suggestions you can’t understand.

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