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1 Create iCloud Photo Album in iOS 12 on iPhone and iPad

How to Create iCloud Photo Album in iOS 13/12/iOS 12.4 on iPhone X/8/8 Plus, iPad

Photos app in iOS 12 has been refurbished with awesome features which include creating iCloud photo album, After that Add Photo and Video to shared Album later in iOS 12 form iPhone/iPad or Mac [MacOS Mojave]. So if you have visited any place and want to create a shared album of that trip, then you can simply add all the photos and videos and create an album in iCloud.

It is grateful that we can access all the memorable pictures and videos anytime securely across all iOS device. With the Shared Album facility, you can stay in touch with your family and friends happily.


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Compatible Models are iPhone X/ iPhone 8/iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 6S/6S Plus, iPhone 5S, iPad and MacOS Mojave compatible Macs.

After Create Shared Album we can generate the public link for share and View none icloud.com friends (Android and Windows): Share iCloud Album with anyone.

First, You Need to Enable Shared Album on your iPhone. Here’s how you can enable it.

1 Create iCloud Photo Album in iOS 12 on iPhone and iPad

Step 1: Launch “Settings”.

Step 2: Open “Photos” and turn on “Shared Album”.

1 Enable Shared Album in iOS 12 on iPhone


Now We Will See How to Create iCloud Photo Album in iOS 12 on iPhone/iPad

Step 1: Open up “Photos” app from the home screen of iPhone.

Step 2: Next, make a selection of pictures and videos which you want to share with iCloud.

2 Select photo to share to album from iPhone in iOS 12 (1)

Step 3: Tap “Share” icon.

3 Share Photos from iPhone in iOS 12

Step 4: From the options swipe to select “Shared Albums”.

4 Share Album option in photos app sharing

Step 5: Tap “Shared Albums”.

Step 6: In the “Comment Box” you can entitle the album. Tap “Post”.That’s it.

5 Photos in Shared Album in iOS 12 on iPhone

If you want to create a new group, then follow the below steps.

Make sure that the person which you are inviting in the group has also enabled shared album in iPhone otherwise you have to face unexpected error.

Step 7: Below comment box, you can see Shared Album-Family (any name), will be written.

Step 8: If you want to create new “Shared Album” then tap on it. It will redirect you to next screen and there tap (+).

Step 9: Label the “Shared Album”. Tap “Next”.

Step 10: Add people with whom you want to share the album. Tap on (+).

Step 11: Move further by tapping “Next”.

Step 12: Now you have to give a specific name to your “Shared Album”.

Step 13: Tap “Post”. It’s done.

  • Now, All Shared album list we can see in Photos app > Albums Tab.

6 View Photos album on iPhone in iOS 12

  • All Albums we can manage [Delete or Remove] using Edit button at top.
  • To Add new Photos and Videos, Tap on Shared Album Name > Tap on “+” > Add new photos and Video, Wait for upload and your Partner will receive
  • Same way you can share Photo album from your Mac’s Photo app (MacOS Mojave).

You can send iCloud Photo Sharing using a Mobile number or Apple ID saved in your Contacts app. Use “Invitation Not Delivered” The Phone number invited to “Screen” cannot receive shared album invitations.

7 Invitation not delivered for Photo sharing

From now on, you can manage the albums stored in iCloud as you like it. Besides, you can also invite more people, to share their pictures with you in Shared Album of iCloud. Even they can also delete the photos from that album once you allow them to join the group.

Why you don’t like and share. This is really helping tutorial that we can use for fun and easy ways to create iCloud Photo Album in iOS 12 on iPhone and iPad. After that, add new photos and Videos to iCloud photo album from your iOS device.

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