How to Create New Location on Instagram on iPhone, iPad – 2024 Updated

Unfortunately, Instagram isn’t yet fully customizable like Facebook, however, we can still use Facebook’s feature on Instagram. This post is a perfect example of it. If you are landed on this page, searching for a solution to create a new location on Instagram, or Create a Custom Location for Instagram continue to read. The fact is, Instagram won’t allow you to create a new location on Instagram, you’ll have to choose from the listed locations or find nearby your business or for whatever reasons you want that custom location.

We can share your location on Instagram via the FaceBook app if you want, Not FaceBook or Instagram forcing you to share your Facebook Post on Instagram.

How to Create a Custom Location for Instagram On iPhone

Important: We will use Facebook account to create a custom location for Instagram, I presume your Facebook and Instagram accounts are linked to each other (To Link your Instagram Account to the Facebook account, Open Instagram app on iPhone > Tap on Profile icon > More > Settings > Account > Licked Account > Connect to FaceBook), this way it is quite easy to use the custom location on Instagram posts. Here’s how,

Connect Your Account from Instagram to FaceBook from Instagram app
Connect Your Account from Instagram to FaceBook from the Instagram app

Step 1: From your Facebook Account, Check-In

We all know Facebook owns Instagram, so to some extent, you can take advantage of Facebook’s feature on Instagram. Here we will use Facebook’s Check-In function to create a new location on Instagram.

  1. Open Facebook App on your phone. Tap on the Check-In.

    Share you location on Instagram from Facebook check in Feature
    Share your location on Instagram from Facebook check-in Feature
  2. Turn On-Location Services, ignore if already enabled.
    • On iOS: Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Facebook > Choose the option to enable Location Services for Facebook.
    • On Android: Settings > Apps > Facebook > Permissions > Location > Choose All time or Allow only while using app.
  3. Enter the location that you want to use on Instagram.
    • The Location Name should begin with a Capital letter, not emoji, or any special symbol.

      Allow Permission to Access your location from Facebook
      Allow Permission to Access your location from Facebook
    • You may find the same name as you want to use, however, in different locations; still, you can go with the same name, it won’t be an issue. Tap Add Your Location Name.
    • Next, select the category for a new location, it can be anything, Home, Office, Cafe, Restaurant, Theatre, etc.
    • Now you need to connect the new location name with the geographical location. Search your physical location with reference to City, Town, Zip Code, or directly tap on I’m currently here, the GPS will automatically detect your location.
    • To confirm the new location is created successfully, Check In to your Facebook profile.

      Post your Location on Facebook and Instagram automatically
      Post your Location on Facebook and Instagram automatically
    • That’s it.

Step 2: Add Custom Location to Instagram Post

Once the custom location is created, it can be used to set it into the Instagram posts. Create New Instagram Post, then tap Add Location and search for your custom location and add it to the post.

Custom Location does not appear in an Instagram app? Try This

Even if you’ve created a new custom location on Facebook using the Check-In method, it may be possible it won’t appear in Instagram search results. In that case, you can try out the below troubleshoots.

#1. Wait for a while

The location may take a few hours to appear in Instagram Location Results, so you should wait at least 24 hours and then try again.

#2. Create Facebook Post using New Location

To make sure Facebook and Instagram fetch your location as early as possible, you can create a post on Facebook using the Check-In feature. It will help you.

#3. Choose Accurate/Nearby Physical Location

While selecting a physical location, you may not get the perfect location or Facebook and Instagram is facing difficulties identifying your location if you’ve added the location of different City or Country, so make sure to find nearby locations.

#4. Select Relevant Category

Depending upon your business, kindly choose the relevant category.

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