How to create time-table reminders with Use of Siri [iOS]

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

Siri is an intelligent part of iOS, with use of Siri you can do remind those things which is either less or more important in your life such as event, work task, invitation etc. everything you can remind by Siri which time that you want. Some kind of remind you have to need almost every week or every day this all are the time based reminder you can set.

Step for, How to crate time-table reminders with use of Siri

First of all you have to launch Siri on your Home Screen of iPhone or iPad to set reminder

For that,

1. Push and grip the Home Button of your iPhone or iPad

After activation of Siri (what can I help you with?)

2. Say something to Siri which you want to remind like

Remind me to call Adam Kira at 09:00 AM for give an invitation of Birthday party

3. Now Siri will confirm your speech, which it is heard. If you look into the tap a little error you can do editing also in your reminder tap if you say something wrong or Siri has heard something wrong after edit you can start over it.

4. Just the once Siri has bring your reminder correct after that you can do confirm it through the press confirm button. Now this reminder you can put in to your Reminder Apps.

Siri will also add directory which you want to your default directory. You can remove it from the default directory. At, lest you will get importance reminders with use of Siri.

time based reminder wiht use of siri

time based reminder wiht use of siri

You need to have either iCloud or switch over sync setup to use reminder .once you create a reminder it will remind to you at that moment which time you set up at the schedule time.

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