How to Customize Control Center in iOS 9/ iOS 10/ iOS 11: iPhone, iPad

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here is the way to customize control center in iOS 9 running on iPhone, iPad. Without jailbreak, you can organize control center in iOS 11 officially.

With new bug fixed and Total control and customization options available in this tricks for Customize control center in iOS 9 running on iPhone, iPad. You can do all thinks that’s you want and think about control center customization. Before this time, control center customization tweaks working only on iOS 8 device. from here get more features and customization options, that’s will be very useful when you run on iDevice.

we are happy to help you, submit this Form, if your solution is not covered in this article.

we are happy to help you, submit this Form, if your solution is not covered in this article.

Now you don’t need to jailbreak your iPhone, because of upcoming iOS 11 offers Add/remove additional controls in Control Center with supported iDevice. Do you want to know more in advance? Get here how to customize Control Center iOS 11 or later without Jailbreak.

Apple’s default toggles are five. CCSettings Cydia tweak is a fantastic app for the iOS device. So you can add more one or decrease number of toggles with this tweaks.

Guide on how to Customize Control Center in iOS 9, iOS 8, iPhone

Step 1: Make your device jailbreak

Pangu released easy setup for making your iOS 9 or iOS 9.1 device jailbroken. Download Pangu tools on your PC, Connect your device via lighting cable and start the installation. Wait for the time, Because it will restart many times in between. After successfully installed Cydia store you can see that at home screen. Open BigBoss repo in Cydia store and install it on iPhone.

Step 2: Open Cydia and Find CCSettings from Cydia store and install by accepting terms and conditions. and finally tap on Restart Springboard.

Step 3: To change the number of Toggles on control center, Settings > CCSettings on iPhone.steps for customize control center in iOS 9 iPhone, iPadToggles Per Line: How many toggles you want to be set in a single row, For add more toggle you have to scroll/ Swipe horizontally left or right side.

Dismiss control center: Auto Hide control center after you choose toggle.

Kill background toggle will kill your all background app or music cut you don’t want then enable Kill music or add an app that’s you don’t kill apps.

Great app for customizing or rearrange useful toggles or Shortcut options on iOS 9 control center.

Don’t Misstrick to Customize Control Center iOS 11

Appreciates to developers such significant tweaks made, that’s Apple didn’t give the setting app. also share about if you have any other tweaks for customizing control center in iOS 11, iOS 12 or later.

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