How to delete multiple photos on iPhone, iPad: iOS 9/ 8

Free up space on your iPhone camera roll or storage capacity by Delete or remove all photo in bulk or mass. Apple make simple option in photos app for delete multiple photos on iPhone, iPad running on iOS 9 or iOS 8. on behalf of delete multiple photo apple give option for backup deleted photo in photos app. So all deleted photos automatically saved in recently deleted folder under photos app.delete multiple photos on iPhone, iPad different ways

Devices Works on: iPhone 6/ 6 Plus, iPhone 6S/ 6S Plus, iPad, iPod Touch running on iOS 9 or iOS 8.

Useful: hide multiple photos on iOS 9, iPhone and iPad.

Steps for delete multiple photos on iPhone, iPad: iOS 9, iOS 8

Step 1: Go to photos app on iPhone, iPad.

Step 2: From upper right corner of screen, Tap on select.

Next, you can select multiple photos at once or multiple photos by swiping left to right. see below image. delete multiple photos on iPhone and iPad

Note: Multiple photos selection by swiping your finger from left to right only possible with iOS 9 users.

Wants to delete all photos on month or date Wise

#1. Launch photos app on iPhone, iPad.

#2. Tap on photos from beneath tab.

#3. There you can see option for collections or Back. Now your all photos are group in to year date formatSelect photo that you want delete

For categories month or date wise, just tap finger on year and month region sequentially.

So, your screen would show up select option on upper right corner. Tap on it

Now you delete whole months photos by select and delete from bottom right cornerdelete all photos at once on iPhone

Note: are you deleting specific photos like months or year wise, please keep backup of photo library on Mac or PC. might be lost due to wrong selection on internal error.

On above steps if you don’t want delete or abort delete operation just tap on cancel.

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