How to Delete Saved Passwords on Mac Chrome

Last Updated on Jul 15, 2021

Passwords play an essential role in our lives, whether Facebook, Gmail, Online Graphics Editing Tools, Website Logins, Other Social Sites, and more. It’s no doubt for security reasons, we need to change the passwords over time, but have you ever thought, what about the previously saved password? Or it can be possible that you don’t intend to protect the password but did it mistakenly. Anyways, this article will show you how to delete saved passwords on Mac Chrome and how to manage saved passwords on Chrome Mac.

Nevertheless, it takes few minutes to delete the remove the saved passwords from Chrome on Mac. We have mentioned the path to paste into the Chrome tab directly and access the password settings to ease the process. If that doesn’t work, then follow the stepwise guide from beginning to end.

How to Remove Saved Passwords on Mac Chrome (See, Delete, Copy)

  1. Launch the Google Chrome App on Mac.
  2. Then click on the Profile.
  3. Select the Password icon under the email address.
  4. Alternatively, you can paste the chrome://settings/passwords and open the Saved Passwords on Chrome MacBook/Mac.
  5. You can see all the Saved Passwords listed
  6. Click on the three dots to expand the menu next to the Saved Password that you would like to manage.
  • Copy password: If you want to note the password, then click Copy password. For security reasons, Chrome will ask you to enter the Admin Username and Password.
  • Details: In the Details section, Chrome will show you the name of the Website, Username, and Password.
  • Remove: Lastly, if you don’t need a saved password, click on Remove to delete the saved password on Chrome MacBook/Mac.
  • See: Chrome shows the password, when we click on the eye icon next to the password, thought for confirmation, you’ll be asked to enter the Mac admin username and password.

How to Manage/Delete Saved Password from Google Account Mac

If you have sync the password across the Google Account, try these alternate steps to delete the saved passwords on Mac from Google Account.

  1. Visit the passwords,
  2. Sign in to Google Account from where you want to delete the password.
  3. Click (x) next to the saved password to delete it.

How to Export Saved Password from Chrome MacBook, Mac

Chrome lets you download the CSV File consisting of all the saved passwords on the local storage. Here’s how it can be done.

  1. Go to the Chrome app on MacBook, Mac.
  2. Click on the profile symbol on the top-right side.
  3. Select Passwords. Or type chrome://settings/passwords to directly open the Saved Passwords window.
  4. Look at the three dots, all the way to the right side, of the Saved Passwords, heading.
  5. Click on it.
  6. Select Export passwords….
  7. Confirm Export passwords…
  8. Enter the Mac’s Admin username and Password.
  9. Choose the location to save the file, if asked.

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