How to Delete Stock App on Apple Watch Series 6, SE, 5, Series 4 and Earlier iWatch

Since the first Apple Watch, users were unable to remove stock apps from the Watch and to date, Apple is adding more and more stock apps to the Apple watch. So for the owners of Apple Watch who are cluttering with dozens of unnecessary Stock Apps, from watchOS 6, you can delete them if you don’t want to keep. TechCrunch reported that from watchOS 6, apart from third-party apps, now owners can delete first-party applications like Alarm, Camera, etc. and the techniques to delete an app on Apple Watch Series 4, Apple Watch 3, Apple Watch 2 are same.

Apple announced that watchOS 6 shipped with stock apps like App Store, Cycle Tracking, Noise, Audiobooks, Calculator and Voice Memos. Till watchOS 5, Apple Watch users were unable to clean up the chaotic home screen with useless stock apps. However, according to reports, it seems like with watchOS 6 public release, Apple watch will allow you to delete stock apps too.

How to Delete Apps on Apple Watch From Home Screen?

Delete App on Apple Watch Grid view!

Currently, when you press and hold the third-party app from the home screen, a jiggling (x) will appear and from there you can delete them. But, these jiggle mode isn’t given in first-party applications and ultimately there is no way to delete stock apps. Alternatively, when the user deletes an app from the iPhone, it could get removed from the Apple Watch too, only if they are dependant. This function went well until Apple Watch started receiving exclusive apps that are not available on iPhone but on Apple watch.

Delete App on Apple Watch List View!

if it felt hard to delete because unable to select a particular app with your big finger notch. So, first convert Grid view in to list View of App, by Press and Hold on Home Apps Apple Watch screen. Find the app in the list view by scrolling on Watch Face, Swipe Right to the left to delete the selected app.

Which Apps We can Delete? Re-download in the Future!

This inconvenience is set to vanish with watchOS 6. Apple Watch apps like Radio, World Clock, Timers, Alarms, Remote, Stopwatch, Walkie-Talkie, etc will be removable anytime. Although, if you want any of the deleted stock apps, then go straight to the App Store and download.

Removing stock apps from watchOS 6 will simply create storage space and more importantly, it will clear the home screen. Unfortunately, this feature is not yet included with the developer beta, surely we will get with watchOS 6 public release.

Also, the core apps of Apple-like Messages and Heart Rate, won’t be removable. This was just an overview to delete stock apps from watchOS 6. Still, we didn’t know exactly which stock apps could be deleted from watchOS 6.

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