How to Delete Twitter Fleets on iPhone, iPad, Android in 2023

Last Updated on Nov 26, 2020I presume you’re enjoying the newest Fleets by sharing fun pictures, videos, GIFs, messages, and more with the followers. As of right now, Fleet has limited tools and resources, and it’s enough for this new concept. We’ve already posted and deleted hundreds of personalized stories on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat, however, while concerning Twitter, you should learn the basics and then lay hands on the Fleets. In this line of the article, we’ll show you a stepwise guide to remove Fleets on Twitter.

Just a reminder, these Twitter Fleets will automatically disappear after 24 hours, but if you don’t want to wait for 24 hours, then Twitter lets you delete Fleets manually too. This feature is necessary as often people mistakenly post any random photos, videos or message, that is not meant to the public, especially if you’re professional or the Twitter handle belongs to some big organization. Here’s a quick guide to removing Fleets from Twitter.

How to Delete Fleets on Twitter App

It’s quite easy to delete the Fleets on Twitter, but the irritating part is it needs to be removed individually, there is no one-click button to delete all the Fleets in one shot.

  1. Open the Twitter app on your phone.
  2. On the top bar, you’ll see Fleets next to the Add button with your profile picture.
  3. Find your Fleet. If you’ve created more than one Fleet, then navigate to the Fleet to delete.

    Fleets on Twitter app

    Fleets on Twitter app

  4. Tap on the down-arrow on the far right side.
  5. Tap Delete Fleet.

    Delete Fleet on Twitter app

    Delete Fleet on Twitter app

  6. While, to keep the Fleet on the profile, tap on the Tweet. And later you can delete it.

Can I Recover Deleted Fleets from Twitter?

Unfortunately, once the Fleet is deleted, it can’t be recovered, unless you’ve Tweeted the Fleet. Therefore, if you’re concern about the posted content on the Fleet, make sure to Tweet the Fleet, as the Tweets won’t disappear.

if fleets are important for you but you don’t want to post on Fleets then I recommend posting Fleets as a Tweet before delete it from your Twitter account.

Hope you get important tips on Fleets, Know more about Post Tweet on Fleets and Mute, Unmute Fleets from Twitter profile.

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