How to Delete, Update or Add Event in iPhone Calendar, Add Facebook Event on Calendar

The built-in Calendar app is not new for any iOS version including iOS. But calendar app UI and Some new featured might be surprising that’s you can learn from here. People regularly use a calendar for Add new Event, Make Change or Remove old Events and Also add and manage Facebook Event to Calendar iOS/iPadOS app. And it necessary to stop unwanted notification coming in notification center related to dead events. Let’s get a basic guide on Add event in iPhone calendar iOS and manage it.

Follow the steps carefully, alternatively, you have an option for creating an event using Siri that automatically reminds you of a calendar event.

Steps for Add event in iPhone Calendar iOS then Edit or Delete and Also For Facebook Event

Add a New Calendar Event

1: Open Calendar app on iPhone/ iPad.

2: From the top right tab tap on “+” plus sign.

Next, Screen you can see an option for giving Description name on Event and Location at first options.

create a new or Add event in iPhone calendar iOS 10

Make some important settings before Done It Final

Change Setting for the day on want alert schedule for upcoming days. Enable “All Days” for receive on continuous days then only set start and end dates.

Invite new friends or users for this event by mail to it. Tap on invitees > Enter mail address and send.

Time for Event in Day or before the day

Next Option is URL for Direct open web or reminder information.

Edit Calendar Event on iPhone/ iPad

Saved event marked with Grey dot symbol at below date number. Here I set Event for iPhone launch.

Tap on name of Event, from top right corner tap on Edit option.

Edit Created Calender Event in iPhone iPad

Change Start date to 7 September.

Save changes tap on done from the top right corner,

Now you can see changes, the edited events moved and tagged on new dates.

Delete Calendar Event

Tap on Date saves the event for it. The bottom of the screen goes with the “Delete Event” option. Confirm Delete Event.

Delete Event from iPhone Calender app

Bonus tips: Search Created Event with name in the Calendar app

Not easy to find the Event directly from added all, Diagnose problem using search event with the name. When we open the colander app, the Search bar option is always at the top.

Search Calender iPhone Event from search box

Tap event name in the text field and get in result.

Add Facebook Events to Calendar on iPhone, iPad

  1. Open Facebook App on the iPhone. Tap on More Options for Facebook account settings.
    Facebook App Settings on iPhone
    Facebook App Settings on iPhone
  2. Next, Tap on the Events option and See all Facebook Events created and Share in your Area. We can search New & Old events using location.
    Find Facebook Events from your Account on iPhone
    Find Facebook Events from your Account on iPhone
  3. Now, Open Event Page and Tap on More option without Share or Participate. Next, select “Export to Calendar” Popup.
    Export Facebook Event to Calendar on iPhone and iPad
    Export Facebook Event to Calendar on iPhone and iPad
    • Note: If you are unable to add the event on your iPhone calendar then, allow permission to access the Facebook app for the Calendar iPhone event. [Settings app on iPhone > FaceBook > Enable Calednar toggle that’s it and Repeat the Steps 3 on FaceBook App]
  4. Next, Select your Calendar and Save the Event on your iPhone Calendar app.
    Export FaceBook Events to iPhone Calendar app
    Export Facebook Events to iPhone Calendar app
    • You’re Done. Let’s check the saved Facebook Event. Open Calendar and We can manage or Preview Recently saved FaceBook Event for the Date. Tap on Date and Find Saved Event.
      Facebook Event added in iPhone Calendar app
      Facebook Event added in iPhone Calendar app
  5. That’s it.

Most of the Calendar apps enable these options, After that any time we can turn off calendar notification, But why we disable that? it’s a great option for remembering important dates.

Want more help on Add event in iPhone calendar iOS or Update/ Delete give us a special comment on below.

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