How to Disable/Enable Dark Mode on iPhone 7 and all iPad Models

Apple unveiled System-Wide Dark mode in latest iOS version compatible iPhone/iPad. Now Use Dark mode in the night that decreases the Eyestrain overnight while we use Apple Apps, Settings. Some other third-party app has individual settings to enable dark mode for the app only. Follow the below steps to use Dark mode that Customization settings for Quickly Enable Dark mode after turn on, Set the Schedule for Dark mode screen from Sunset to sunrise automatically. Let’s check how to Turn on Dark mode on iPhone and Turn off if we don’t want. Steps are same for other compatible iPhone/iPad.

Now, iPhone users can put iPhone into different screen mode like Nightshift mode (Low blue light), Color Filter or Smart Invert mode. Also, other great Accessibility features make your iPhone user-friendly on use in Different Environments or conditions. That’s we can easily enable or Disable anytime. From here learn how to Disable/ Enable Dark mode on iPhone 7 Plus or iPhone 7.

3 Steps for Disable/Enable Dark mode on iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7 and New iPhone Models

  1. Go to the Settings app on the iPhone/ iPad.
Settings app on iPhone
Settings app on iPhone
  • Next, Scroll to Tap on Display & Brightness under settings app.
  • Then, Click on Dark option. Dark mode at the same time enabled on Apple iPhone/iPad screen.
  • Quickly Enable Dark mode all time
    Quickly Enable Dark mode all time
    • if you choose select Automatic toggle, Then we can set the Options for Light Until Sunset, And Custom Schedule.
    • Next to Custom Schedule option, Set the Light Appearance time (Start time) and Dark Appearance time (End time).
    Turn on Dark mode for Custom time interval
    Turn on Dark mode for Custom time interval

    2nd Alternate Ways to Turn on Dark Mode from Control Center on iPhone/iPad

    Control center on iOS/iPad device is more prominent, Using this can turn on/Turn off Dark Appearance on iPhone/iPad.

    1. Swipe down your finger from the top-right corner of the screen. [Home button iPhone users can open control center from Swipe up the bottom edge of iPhone screen]
    2. Touch and hold on Brightness bar,
    turn on Dark Mode from COntrol center
    turn on Dark Mode from COntrol center
  • Until this Brightness bar opens in full screen, Left the first option is dark mode, tap on it to turn on Dark mode or Repeat tap on the icon to turn off.
  • Dark mode Option on iPad Control Center,
  • Dark Mode in iOS 13

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    Share your experience on the comment after Enable Dark mode on iPhone 7 Plus, iPhone 7 or Other compatible models.

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      1. Daro mode [Black and White screen we can manage from above settings only], Earlier People are using Smart invert/Classic Invert that behaves like Dark mode: Settings app > Accessibility > Display & Text Size > Turn off (Classic Invert and Smart Invert).
        Hope this helps.

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