How to Disable/ Enable link open in new tab from safari: iPhone, iPad

Always link open in same tab might be hesitating when you want compare or continuously read from other page. So from here you can change setting for safari browser that will open external link always in new tab from iOS device’s browser. Make enable link open in new tab apart from in background.

Note: if you are trying in Google chrome or other iOS web browser then it should not possible. This option works for safari browser only.

Useful: Open safari in private mode.

Steps for Disable/ Enable link Open in new tab: iPhone, iPad running iOS 8/ 9

Step 1: Go to the setting app.

Step 2: Scroll down below and Find safari with Blue safari iconEnable link Open in new tab from iOS device

Step 3: Tap on it, under the safari You can see all the settings related to safari browser.

Step 4: Under the General section, Tap on Open links.Safari settings for iPhone

Step 5: Next, You can see two different options for external ink when you open from the any of the webpage.Select new link open in new tab

If you are technical personal then you must know: if Webpage set in html source then all the links open in other new tab. Then in both the case you will open link in always in new tab. Otherwise web programmer doesn’t set links open in new browser all time then Both option working perfectly like: Open in new tab/ same tab in background.

Step 6: here you have to Enable link Open in new tab always so enable it. You can see check mark in front of the option you have chosen, See in below image.

More about safari related setting, action you can set from here also, Setting > Safari.  Above steps are also solution about your query like Webpage cant open in New Tab in iPhone’s safari, New link from the same page doesn’t open in new windows, East settings for safari for faster access all the page that you opened.

Still have you any confusion or query on how to disable/ Turn off/ Enable link Open in new tab for safari web browser in iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.