How to Disable/ Enable Siri in iOS 10 – iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

A month ago, Apple has been released iOS 10. There are lots of wonderful new features like a queen of Apple’s chat app iMessage, revamped Photos app as well improvements compare to last year release iOS 9. Current year Apple brings Talk to Siri in its latest version of Mac macOS sierra while in iOS 10, all time familiar Siri Settings has been changed. So we come here with how to set up Siri to use iOS 10. For that, we will guide you Disable/ Enable Siri in iOS 10.

This time Apple made colorful Siri icon in iOS 10 that you can see under the Settings app. in addition, Siri is open with third-party API for iOS developers. So from now, Siri will work with third-party apps like messaging (Whatsapp, Slack for team communication, WeChat etc.), now ride booking also easy, Start workout apps using Siri, Payments to send money to friends, VoIP Calling etc. All time Fresh features of Siri in iOS 10.

Are you looking for Activate Siri for third-party Apps in iOS 10 – iPhone, iPad?

Steps to Enable Siri in iOS 10 – iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Disable - Enable Siri in iOS 10 how to

Step 1. Launch Settings app from your iPhone home screen.

Step 2. Tap on Siri, you can see it between Sounds and Touch & Passcode.Activate siri on iPhone

Step 3. Now turn Siri switch ON.Enable Siri in iOS 10 iPhone, ipad and iPod Touch

That’s it.

In addition, under the Siri Settings screen, you can also organize ‘’Hey Siri” Setup, Change Siri language, reset Siri Voice, Voice feedback, and control button for access Siri on lock screen.

So above was the iterations only for turn on Siri in iOS 10, now even you want to know the trick to disable Siri in iOS 10 native then go with following guide.

Way to Disable Siri in iOS 10 – quite easy path

Settings App – hit Siri – Turn toggle Siri Off – Prompted Turn Off Siri tap on it.

You’re done.

Please share your feedback and do share in the comments box. If any issue to disable/enable Siri in iOS 10 or not working after update iOS or anything.


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