How to Disable or Enable iCloud drive on iPhone – iOS 10/ 9/ 8

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

We can access iCloud data on all devices in iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10 Devices (In this tutorial see how to do it). First, let me say that, are you ready to access your spreadsheet, presentation, and other files on your iPhone, iPad which are stored in your Mac’s iCloud drive. If yeah then you’ve to require enable iCloud drive on your iPhone. You can securely store your most require data (up to 5GB of Free) in iCloud drive as well you can get it anywhere from your iPhone, iPad as well and Mac/ PC.

For that just require your iCloud drive should be Turn on/ enable on your iPhone or Mac, PC and if want editing in that document then you can do it very easily, truly Apple’s provide amazing features in iOS 8, iOS 9, iOS 10 Devices (iOS 11 Revamped with new File App, Enable iCloud Drive in File App iOS 11) and MacOS as well. This is the initiative feature of the apple in its devices so that many users or maybe you can’t know that how to enable iCloud drive in iPhone.

Go beneath and follow given step you can get it there which you want. You can also use this same tips how to enable iCloud drive for your iPad.

enable iCloud drive in iPhone and iPad

Share data and access using iCloud drive in iOS 10/9/8

Note – internet connection must be required to access your iCloud drive data in your iPhone, iPad or Mac/PC. As well Log in require with Same Apple ID.

Steps On how to turn on/ enable iCloud drive in iPhone- iOS 10/ 9/ 8

For iOS 10

#1: Open Settings app on iPhone, iPad.

1 iOS 10 iPhone profile on Settings app

#2: Tap on your Profile name and Scroll down to iCloud.

2 Access iCloud from iPhone settings

#3: Enable iCloud Drive for Use iCloud drive for backup documents and Data.

3 Enable iCloud Drive on iPhone

#4: Delete Data on iCloud Drive app only, But not deleted in your iCloud.

4 Disable iCloud drive on iPhone

#5: Hide or Remove iCloud Drive app from iPhone home screen.

5 Delete iCloud drive app from iPhone

For iOS 9/ 8

Step 1.

Tap on Settings app of your iPhone home screen

Step 2.

Now, Tap On iCloud, if you can’t appear that then scroll down the screen

Enable iCloud drive inside iCloud setting

Setting and iCloud drive option in iPhone

Step 3. 

In last, Toggle Turn On iCloud Drive.

iCloud upgrade/ enable in iPhone

iPhone screen for turn iCloud drive

Note – if your iCloud drive, already turn on and you want that Turnoff/ disable iCloud drive in iPhone, iPad then follow beneath step:

  • Settings >> iCloud >> iCloud Drive >> toggle Turn Off/ Disable iCloud drive

That’s it. Now you can able to store your data in iPhone iCloud drive and access it too. Write in the comment box at below and tell us what are you say about Apple’s this new feature. After using this tutorial on how to turn off or enable iCloud drive in iPhone and iPad. Like it? Share as well stay keep in touch with us to get daily new Tips.

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