How to Disable Speed Limit indicator on iPhone Maps in iOS 11

After upgrade iOS 11, your iPhone maps App acquired some of the latest cool features. Among all of them, Big update now apple maps show speed limit for your current location. Speed Limit Indicator Hmm, by default that set enabled so while you driving the car on the road your navigation will show you the current speed limits overly for the road. But if you’re the guy that you already knowing the speed of lane then sometimes you might feeling speed limit function create setback to view Tom Tom Maps. But don’t worry.

Do you want to Disable Speed limit indicator in Maps for iPhone running iOS 11 or later? Get here how to hide that clutter on the Apple Maps Screen.

Steps to Disable Speed Limit function on iPhone running iOS 11

Enable Disable Speed Limit indicator function on iPhone running iOS 11

Step #1. Open the Settings App.

Step #2. Scroll down the Screen to Maps.

Tap on Settings App to open Maps Edit tool on your iPhone

Step #3. Next, Tap Driving & Navigation.

tap on Driving and Navigation to disable Speed Limit function in Apple Maps iOS 11 iPhone

Step #4. Now, flick the toggle off/white next to the Speed Limit under the Show in Navigation.

Settings to Turn off disable Speed Limit indicator on Your iPhone runing iOS 11 or later

That’s it.

According to Apple descriptions – Speed limit information is available in areas where turn-by-turn navigation is supported.

By the way, if ever your mind change or you planning to unknowingly lane so you can straightforwardly enable Speed limit indicator in Navigation on iPhone in iOS 11 or later. Just go with below steps and do your job.

How to Enable Speed Limit meter in Apple Maps on iPhone

Step #1. Launch the Settings App.

Step #2. Find Maps.

Tap on Settings App to open Maps Edit tool on your iPhone

Step #3. Tap Driving & Navigation and Next up, turn Speed Limit ON/Green.

Cheers enjoy Apple maps speedometer!

Speed limit is dynamic compared to Apple maps. So I think it’s Perimeter. But let we know in the future how Apple hands this brand new integrated Maps function. Yet it supported for some of the areas but the brand roll out gradually in international coverage.

You guys enjoy Speed limit and lane assistant in your auto. In more, don’t forget to share if you find any new Maps feature in iOS 11. Share it in the comments.