How to DM on Instagram on Mac or PC in Two Ways in 2022

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

This trick decreases the efforts on the Instagram app, Send DM on the Instagram app to Single Profile or Multiple Profiles at once. In the next few years, there will be no difference between the PC and Phones, all the major applications now support both the platform. Concerning the Instagram DM, it is now available for the Mac to use, you just need a correct guide on how to DM on Instagram on Mac for once. Instagram DM is a pretty convenient option to stay connected with the Instagram fans and friends, you don’t need to ask for phone numbers or any other means of contact. Instagram has recently added the DM feature to the web interface, besides there’s a dedicated app called IGdm is also a good choice if you only want to use the DM.

We are only including the best two options to DM on Instagram on MacBook, so you can enjoy chatting with friends without any risk. As of now, the web version of Instagram won’t let you upload photos, other than this, you can do everything on the Instagram web interface. Start off with how to DM on Instagram on Mac, MacBook.

2 Ways to Send Direct Message On Instagram in Mac, MacBook, PC Browser

Way 1: Using Instagram on Web

Follow the traditional way to log in and DM on Instagram, no need to download any separate application.

  1. Visit the Instagram on your preferred web browser on Mac/MacBook.
  2. Enter the Instagram username/email/phone number and password to log in.
  3. Click on the Direct Message icon on the upper-right corner, near the Home symbol.

    Direct Message option on instagram Mac Browser

    Direct Message option on Instagram Mac Browser

  4. Now you can DM on Instagram on Mac to a particular conversation or in a group at once.

    Send direct message to one or multiple insta account

    Send a direct message to one or multiple insta account

  5. Send DM – Direct Message.

    Send DM From instagram on Mac Browser

    Send DM From Instagram on Mac Browser

  6. That’s it.

Way 2: Download IGdm App

The IGdm has its own limitations, it is only limited to sending DM on Instagram, you won’t see any posts, or follow your friend, only DMs is possible. Hope you understood. IGdm is also available in pro feature, in just few dollars you can get lots more like Quick Reply, Load up to 100 chat conversations, Sign in with multiple Instagram account at once, Dark mode, Delete un-send or pending/Unread message from DM.

  1. Download the IGdm on your Mac.
  2. Choose macOS after opening the IGdm website to download the IGdm for Mac.
  3. Install the IGdm.
  4. Once the IGdm is ready to use, enter the Instagram credentials, and log in.
  5. You may be asked to enter the verification code, so check the Email ID and Phone Number associated with the Instagram account.
  6. The IGdm is ready to use, you can chat, send photos to whomever you want on the IGdm.
  7. Keep note that the IGdm is only available for DM, not for posting or viewing Instagram posts like we used to do in the Instagram app.

Follow these two alternatives ways of Direct message on Instagram From your MacBook, Mac Browser.

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