How to Download & create a Snapcode on iPhone/iPad or Mac/PC

1 Create a New and Download Snapcode on iPhone

Make Snapcode of your profile or website URL so your Snapchat friend can scan the code by upload Snapcode photo saved in camera roll. It’s easy and quick step for add friend using snapchatter. Also we caver your question related to snapcode. Where is the option for create snapcode on snapchat iOS app running on iPhone/iPad. Getting error “An Error Occurred Please try again later” while snapcode save to camera roll, Snapchat won’t able to create snapcode.

New Snapcode we can also create on Snapchat website on Mac or PC and iOS app on iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, Android. We need to use Snapchat app or Web for snapcode generator or Scan Snapcode.

Steps for Create Snapcode on iPhone/iPad snapchat app or Website

1 Create a New and Download Snapcode on iPhone

Step 1: Open Snapchat app on iPhone/iPad. Tap on Snapchat bell icon from camera screen.

Step 2: Tap on Settings gear icon, to find the all snapchat settings.

2 Snapchat Settings on iPhone

Step 3: Now, Tap on Snapcodes > Create Snapcode.

3 Snapcode on Snapchat iPhone app

Your Profile Snapcode is available in My Snapcode option. Also see the option for Save to camera roll.

Stpe 4: Create Snapcode > Enter a URL and Tap on create.

All crated Snapcodes will save under My Snapcodes. And this snapcode we can download and share on a different social profile that helps to easily find and connect with you.

Delete Created Snapcode on Snapchat Phone/iPad

Go to the Snapchat settings > Snapcodes > My Snapcodes > Slide right to left on screen > Delete.

Search Snapcode with name

Inside the My Snapcode you can see the list of all snapcodes and search with the name of Snapcode.

Create Snapcode on PC Or Mac (Without iPhone/iPad mobile app)

Open this login page on your Mac or PC browser.

Create a New Snapcode or Download your profile snapcode.

That’s it.

Troubleshooting: Snapcode won’t download or isn’t care

  • Update Snapchat app on App store
  • Force Close Snapchat app and Try using above steps
  • Use App on iPhone/iPad/Android or Snapchat Web on PC OR Mac alternatives on iPhone
  • Logout Snapchat and Login again.

Use Snapcode for Add Friend on Snapchat

Upload saved Snapcode under add friend option on snapcode.

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