How to Download & Share Custom Memoji Sticker from iPhone, iPad to Other iPhone

Share or Save memoji Sticker to iPhone camera roll or Photos app

Easy Way to Download & Share custom Memoji Sticker from iPhone and iPad with the help of this article. Unfortunately, iPhone 6 Plus, iPhone 6, iPhone 5S or earlier devices along with few iPad, didn’t receive iOS 13 updates. Otherwise, the latest iOS contains dominant updates in system settings as well as in Default applications like Messages app and more. On iOS 13 or later, you can create custom Memoji Sticker and share it with your friends in seconds. What to do if your iPhone and iPad don’t have support for iOS 13 and still want to use Custom Memoji Stickers? No worries we have got you a way out for you. Know how to download and share custom emoji stickers from iPhone to your Social App/Set this PNG Custom Meomoji sticker on Profile and chats like WhatsApp, FaceBook, FaceBook Messenger, Instagram, Hike, Twitter, Snapchat.

Nevertheless, you will need the iPhone updated with iOS 13 once, and with the help of that iPhone, we will show you the method to share custom Memoji Sticker from iPhone and iPad. I guess, you know very well how to create Custom Memoji Stickers on iPhone, if not then follow the link. One more thing, keep AirDrop enabled on both the iPhone/iPad to share Custom Memoji Sticker from iPhone, and iPad.

Use Emoji on Note app and Save Custom Memoji to Camera roll after Share using Airdrop

Apple the Below steps for Below queries, 

  • Save or Download Custom Memjo to Camera Roll on iPhone, iPad
  • How to Airdrop Memoji Sticker from iPhone to iPhone, iPad, or Mac?
  • Save Image to Download All Memoji Sticker Pack to Photos app on iPhone and iPad.
  • Assign to Contact Memoji Sticker
  • Download PNG Memoji Sticker from iPhone and iPad to Mac or PC/iPhone

Follow the Steps Below,

  • Step 1: Go to the “Notes” app on your iPhone.
  • Step 2: Tap on the bottom symbol to “Create New Note”.
  • Step 3: Bring the Keyboard up.
  • Step 4: Tap on the “Emoji”  icon on the keyboard.
use Memoji Sticker on iphone note app
use Memoji Sticker on the iPhone note app
  • Step 5: Swipe right for Memoji Stickers.
  • Step 6: Select the Custom Memoji Sticker that you want to share.
  • Step 7: Tap on Custom Memoji Sticker on Note App. Emoji sticker will open on your iOS device display.
  • Step 8: On the left-bottom screen, tap on the “Share” icon.
  • Step 9: Select “AirDrop”, on the second App Drawer before the Messages icon.
Share or Save memoji Sticker to iPhone camera roll or Photos app
Share or Save memoji Sticker to iPhone camera roll or Photos app
  1. Step 10: Choose the device to which you want to AirDrop the custom Memoji Sticker.
  2. Step 11: “Accept” the share request on other iDevices.
  3. Step 12: In a moment, the Memoji Sticker will be sent, and you can access it from the Photos app.

More options are in share card is, Messages, Mail, Copy, Create Watch Face, Save To File, Assign Contacts, Print, Save Image to Camera Roll and Use Directly in Third-Party app for Editing or Upload it on clouds [Dropbox, Google Drive]

Alternatively, if your friends or colleagues have some more creating Memoji Stickers then ask them to share with you, and now you know the method very well. On your request, I can supply some funny memoji that you can download from outside. share wich memoji you are looking for a download or use on your iPhone or android mobile.

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