How to Enable/Turn off Ask To Buy Feature in Family Sharing on iPhone, iPad & Mac

Are you using family sharing? Then know useful tips on how to turn on/ Enable ask to buy features in the family sharing on iOS devices and Mac.

Through these tips, you can give your kids to freedom to make their own choice while still controlling your spending. We can say that this is an awesome feature of Apple. Because using this, the family organizer of the family sharing group can set up requests and make purchases with Ask to Buy.

What Happen if Ask to Buy Feature is Turn On?  

The only family organizer can turn on/ enable Ask to buy feature for any members who aren’t an adult. In short, it’s a kind request to buy items in iTunes, iBook, App Store, iCloud Storage,- App Purchases, or news and subscription.

A family organizer can pass permission to automatically download or also decline the request of family members likely free download or purchase app; from their own iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, or macOS. If they decline the request, then no download or purchase will take place on the family member’s device.

Easy Way: Turn on/ Enable ask to buy feature in the family sharing on iPhone/iPadOS & MacOS

Follow beneath listed steps for those family members who are under 18* in your family group.

How to Disable/ Turn Off Ask to Buy Feature in the Family Sharing on iOS

For iOS 11: Disable Parent/Guardian under family sharing on iOS, Settings > Profile name > Family sharing > Tap on Added account > Disable Parent/Guardian.

If you’re a family organizer, then you’re eligible to disable or turn off ask to buy features in the family sharing on iOS.  

Step 1: Launch the Settings app, on your iPhone.
Step 2: Tap Apple ID Profile Name in Settings.

Select Profile Name In Settings On iPhone

Step 3: Tap on Family Sharing and Tap your Family member’s name.

Click Family Sharing In Settings On iPhone

Step 4: Tap Ask to Buy and Enable by tapping “Turn On Ask to Buy“.

Select Turn On Ask To Buy In Settings On iPhone

Step 5: If you wish to stop asking, Turn off the toggle Require Purchase Approval. Otherwise, turn it on.

Turn OFF Require Purchase Approval In Settings On iPhone

Please feel free to ask us, if any misunderstanding relates to this post on how to enable ask to buy features in the family sharing on the latest iOS. We’re ready to give a replay.

Ask to Buy in iOS 14 & Earlier:

Open Settings app on iPhone/iPad > Profile Name > Family Sharing (in iOS 14 family sharing icon is new)> Tap on Your Family Member name and Enable Parent/Guardian option.

Once you enable it, the Parent/Guardian can allow permission or change settings “Ask to buy” for the Child added in family sharing. Your Family member will receive a notification.

Enable Family Sharing option with Ask to Buy on iPhone
Enable Family Sharing option with Ask to Buy on iPhone

macOS Ventura & Later: Enable “Ask to Buy” in Family Sharing on Mac

Step 1: Go to the Apple Logo from the top menu > System Settings.

Open System Settings On Mac

Step 2: Family > Select Added Family Member. – See the All Family member added under your Apple ID account. if not added then first add from “Add Member…” Option.

Select Family Sharing In System Settings On Mac

Step 3: Select Ask to Buy from the left side of the window > Turn on “Turn On Ask to Buy“. Should keep enabling “Require Purchase Approval“.

Select Turn On Ask To Buy In System Settings On Mac

Step 4: Should keep enabling Require Purchase Approval>click on done button.

This requires a Family member to get a parent/guardian’s approval for any free downloads or purchases in the App Store, the iTunes Store or Apple Books.

Turn ON Require Purchase Approval Then Done Button In System Settings On Mac

macOS Catalina or later macOS:

Go to the Apple logo from top Mac Menu > System Preferences > Family Sharing > Family > Tap on Family member > Off Ask to buy. That’s it. read more about Ask to buy on Mac.

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