How to Enable/Disable Auto Brightness in iOS 11 on iPhone, iPad, iPod

Auto manages lighting intensity or iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch screen that care your Eyes depends on surrounding lighting areas. Turn on or Enable Auto Brightness in iOS 11. But iOS 11 get surprised on Auto Brightness settings missing or Removing in iOS 11 on Compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch Models. Don’t be a panic option is still there inside the settings but changed the way to use or Enable or Turn on Auto-Brightness in iOS 11.

Auto Brightness is amazing for the Battery Sever, Ready to watch the screen in dark or light area. But some users Don’t want Auto change screen brightness.

My readers asking me to about Auto-Brightness is missing or removed. It’s not removed see this option is here under the steps below,


1 Auto Brightness Enable on iPhone in iOS 11

Steps for Turn Off/ Enable Auto Brightness in iOS 11 on iPhone, iPad

Note: Some users are trying to keep it turned off, that need HD and high Contrast picture on Screen. There are no any other ways to manage Auto Brightness intensity from the control centre or Assistive touch.

But, it’s important to know, we can change Display Brightness manually using control center.

1: Go to the Settings app on iPhone, iPad.

2 General in Settings on iphone

2: Next, Tap on General > Accessibility.

3 Accessibility on iPhone Settings in iOS 11


3: Now, Under Accessibility settings, Tap on Display Accommodations.

4 Display Accommondations on iPhone Settings

4: Next to the Display Accommodations, See Auto-Brightness option and Enable it.

5 Auto-Brightness in iOS 11

Check instant effect on screen.

New iOS 11 Settings missing and changed for auto-brightness.

Set Custome Screen Brightness in iOS 11

Custom screen Brightness Doesn’t work after few minutes or on changing light coming on your iDevice screen. So First Disable Auto-Brightness using above steps.

After that Go to the Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Brightness > Use Brightness Slider Bar. Check instant effect on screen and set on your requirements.

1 Brightness Bar on iphone Settings

If you are running iOS 10 or earlier then Go to the Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto Brightness.

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Enjoy the new experience with new iOS 11 and Keep sharing Enable Auto Brightness in iOS 11 this article if it is really helpful.