How to Disable or Enable Auto Hide Menu Bar on Mac El Capitan

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

Recently, the New Edition of Mac OS X Ei Capitan has been released by Apple. There are many like to know the features of ei Capitan. Even out all of here, you’ll teach a brilliant tip of OS X Ei Capitan. And that’s a disable or enable Auto-hide menu bar on Mac EI Capitan version 10.11. It’ll become almost useful for smaller screen laptop users of 11- inch MacBook Air or the 12- inch MacBook.

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So far you were using a static menu bar on the top of the Screen of laptops. Albeit, now you can keep that auto-hide and show on the Apple notebook (MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, or on desktop iMac and MacMini). It’s a deeply adorable feature after the dark Mode menu bar and dock.

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How to Turn On Auto-Hide Menu Bar on MacBook, Mac, on Mac EL Capitan

  • Step 1. Go to the Apple logo on top-left side menu bar of the window.
  • Step 2. Click on System Preferences…
  • Step 3. Select GeneralHow to disable or enable Auto hide menu bar on Mac Ei Capitan
  • Step 4. Now under the Appearance, you can see ‘’Automatically hide and show the menu bar’’.Steps to make turn on/enable Auto hide menu bar on Mac Ei Capitan Macbook air, Pro

So do tick mark in checkbox using your mouse or trackpad. so here your way Auto-hide menu bar on Mac Ei Capitan,

That’s it.

To do disable Auto-hide the menu bar on Mac El Capitan: MacBook Air, MacBook Pro

Follow the above instructions until Steps 4 and just uncheck the box of ‘’automatically hide and show the menu bar’’.

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