How to Enable/Disable Hi-Res Lossless Audio for Apple Music on Mac & iPhone

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Want to try Hi-Res Lossless Audio along with Spatial Audio on Apple Music? This article will show you how to enable/disable Hi-Res lossless audio for Apple Music on Mac, iPhone, and iPad. The Spatial Audio comes free if you’re a subscriber of Apple Music without paying extra for enriching audio. Apple started rolling out the Hi-Res lossless audio for Apple Music in iPhone, Mac country-wise, and now it seems like it is available worldwide.

Hi-Res Lossless Audio can be highly customized like you can choose the type of audio to play over Cellular Data and Wi-Fi Data separately. In addition, Apple has listed the data consumption when you play high-quality audio, so depending on your data and connection availability, it can be changed anytime to get the best experience.

How to Enable or Disable Hi-Res Lossless Audio for Apple Music in iPhone

To take benefit of Hi-Res Lossless Audio Quality with Apple Music, make sure to update the iPhone to the latest version; if you don’t see the Lossless Audio option in either iPhone or Mac, update the devices to get that feature.

  1. Open the Settings app.
  2. Scroll down and tap on Music App.
  3. Under AUDIO, select Audio Quality.change-music-audio-quality-with-lossless-audio-in-apple-music-on-iphone
  4. Toggle ON Lossless Audio option.
  5. The Lossless settings can be managed for each network separately for Mobile Data Streaming as well as Wi-Fi Streaming. You can further choose from High Quality, Lossless, and Hi-Res Lossless, and each of the qualities has different data usage.
  6. Apple has roughly mentioned the data usage like:
    • 6 MB when played at High Quality
    • 36 MB when played at Lossless
    • 145 MB when played at Hi-Reshi-res-lossless-in-apple-music-with-mobile-data-streaming-on-iphone
  7. Once you’re done setting up the Hi-Res Lossless Audio for Mobile and Wi-Fi network, there’s one more option, which is Download.
  8. Downloads from Apple Music can be personalized to High Quality, Lossless, and
  9. Now to test the Lossless Quality, open the Apple Music app.
  10. Play any song.check-or-change-lossless-audio-quality-from-apple-music-player-app-on-iphone
  11. There you’ll find Lossless above the player control like forwarding, pause, and back.
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How to Enable or Disable Hi-Res Lossless Audio for Apple Music in Mac

  1. Launch the Music App on your Mac.
  2. Click on the Music in the top menu bar.
  3. Select
  4. Go to the Playback tab.
  5. Check the box of the Lossless audio option to enable it.change-apple-music-streaming-quality-on-mac-music-app
  6. There you’ll have two options like Streaming and Download. Click on one by one and select Hi-Res Lossless Audio from the dropdown.
  7. Click “Continue in Hi-Res Lossless”.continue-in-hi-resolution-lossless-audio-quality
  8. When the External Hardware Suggested prompt appears, select Continue in Hi-Res Lossless.


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