iOS 17.1.2: How to Enable/Disable Ride Booking on Apple Maps in iPhone

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Manage Ride-Sharing App with Apple maps app by Enabling and Disabling control over those apps from Maps App settings. Ride-sharing apps significantly impact our lifestyle; By Allowing RIDE Booking EXTENSIONS, Maps may share your location with these apps to estimate waiting and fares.

You can roam in the city without worrying about car parking or accident. Just set the Pickup Point and Destination; a rider will be there within few minutes to pick you up. Cabs are now transforming into major transportation mode in many cities and towns. All it needs is an internet connection and Allow ride-sharing app to book a ride on the Apple Maps app. However, things are more simplified by the latest iOS updates on iPhone.

Once the ride sharing app is installed on your iPhone, you can book a ride right from the Apple Maps app. With fine integration, Apple Maps lets you book rides from various riding apps installed on your device. Regardless, if you want to restrict ride booking from the Maps app, disable it or turn it on for ease.

How to Enable/Disable Ridesharing App from Settings on iPhone

  1. Open the Settings App on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down to Maps, tap on Maps.
  3. Under Extensions, tap on Ride Booking.
  4. All the Ride Booking Apps will be listed there; you can disable or enable the desired one.manage-and-allow-ride-booking-app-extension-on-apple-maps-app-on-iphone
  5. Also, if you don’t wish to show your location to new Ride Booking Apps, disable the Show Rides From New Apps or make it enable if you don’t have
  6. That’s it.
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Where to Find Rides in Maps on iPhone?

Want to book a Ride from the Apple Maps app? Yes, the Apple Maps app allows us to find and book rides directly from the Maps App because the Ride apps like Uber and Lyft are installed on your iPhone. Nothing is better than exploring the town with the help of the Maps app. Maps App brings a lot at your fingertips, like nearest restaurants, bars, hotels, and much more.

Adding support to book Lyft or Uber or any such cab right from the Maps app is convenient; you don’t need to exit the Maps app, search the destination, and Lyft requests a ride from Apple Maps. If the Option is not showing for Specific Ride, wait for Official support and Update from the Developer.

  1. Go to the Apple Maps app on iPhone.
  2. Set the destination location as you usually do in the Maps App.
  3. After that, tap the Ride tab, which is on the left-right corner.
  4. A list of available rides from multiple riding apps (if installed on an iPhone) will appear on the screen.
  5. Rides with the estimated fare, waiting time, capacity, and more details will be provided to you before selecting the ride.
  6. Select Next when you decide to book a ride.
  7. Lastly, tap the Request button.


Keep your iPhone’s Ride booking apps updated from the app store. if the Extension settings not showing for your Ride booking apps then Request to app developer from App Support [Open App Store on iPhone/iPad > Find and Open app > Scroll and Find App Support, Learn more from apple guide].

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