How to Scheduled Notifications Summary on iPhone, iPad

Get here all about setup and enable, disable Apple’s iOS 15 Features Redesigned Notifications Summary. When we are talking about Smartphones, Notifications are everything. Without Notifications, you might get in serious trouble; think of a situation when you’re busy completing the project and WhatsApp stops sending message alerts; what will happen? We receive hundreds of notifications from WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Banking Apps, and more in a day. To handle those tones of notifications is a bit difficult unless you tap Clear All, and in doing so, there’s a good chance to miss the important notifications.

Apparently, with the latest iOS 15 update, Apple has simplified the Notifications for you by adding the iOS 15 Feature Redesigned Notifications Summary. The Notification Summary intelligently prioritizes the incoming notifications, groups them, and shows them on the scheduled timeline. The whole operation works on how frequently do you use the apps, access the phone; by tracking all these details, a Notification Summary is made and delivered to you, based on priority. Here’s how to set up a scheduled summary on the iOS 15 iPhone.

How to Scheduled or Enable Notifications Summary iPhone, iPad

You can set different timelines to receive the Notification Summary on iPhone, add more Notification Summary options and set the time.

  1. Open the Settings app on your iPhone.
  2. Scroll down and tap Notifications.
  3. Tap on Scheduled Summary.
  4. Toggle On Scheduled Summary.ios-15-tap-on-notifications-and-turn-toggle-green-scheduled-summary-on-iphone-ipad
  5. If you’ve enabled Scheduled Summary for the first time, then iPhone will brief you about the new feature. And a Setup screen will appear.
  6. Tap Continue.
  7. When asked to Choose Apps for Your Summary, tap Add
  8. Select the apps that you wish to be under Scheduled Summary.
  9. Next, tap Add App(s).
  10. In the Set a Schedule screen, you will be asked to set a time on which you would like to receive summaries of apps.
  11. Choose a Time for 1st Summary, 2nd Summary. Moreover, you can add more Summary by selecting Add Summary.
  12. Once you’re done setting the time, tap Turn on Notification Summary.add-app-that-you-would-like-and-set-summary-then-click-on-notifications-summary-button-ios-15
  13. Under Schedule, all the added Summaries will be shown to you with time.

How to Disable Notifications Summary to get Relax on Notification Screen

To turn off Notifications Scheduled summary, follow the bottom step that will help your default settings to your iPhone and iPad running the latest iOS 15/iPadOS 15 version.

  1. Open Settings App on your iPhone or iPad, you can find using spotlight search, for quick access you get the help of App library also.
  2. Find Notifications
  3. Turn Toggle Off next to the Scheduled Summary,

that’s it.

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