How to Use Personal Hotspot in Family Sharing on iPhone

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Automatically connect Wi-Fi hotspot or instant hotspot in iOS/iPadOS on your iPhone. Instant hotspot connectivity is now faster and automatically if you wish in the latest iOS. The latest iOS update brings some considerable updates for iPhone users. You can use a personal hotspot in family sharing in iOS, without entering a password every time. Whereas, iOS 12 or earlier devices need to be connected manually to use the personal hotspot. However with the newest iOS, once you have given access to your personal hotspot no need to enter a password or follow the same procedure. iPhone will automatically get connects to a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Personal Hotspot in Family Sharing could only be used if other devices are signed in to your iCloud account. Otherwise, you will have to connect personal hotspot manually like before. When your iPhone doesn’t have an internet connection nearby, it will automatically find the personal hotspot and connects to the Family Sharing personal hotspot.

How to Share a Mobile Hotspot with Family without Requiring a Passcode

While you share your mobile data network to other devices via personal hotspot settings, You might get the popup like low data mode it enabled. So you don’t share or turn on Personal hotspot wifi on other devices. Low Data is more introduced in the latest iOS version as well. and this option is available for Mobile Data and WiFi networks as well. You can disable low data mode under the Settings > Mobile Data > Low Data mode toggle to off. read the full tutorial on Low Data mode on iPhone and iPadOS.

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Basic Step: Turn on WiFi and Bluetooth on the other iOS device to connect iPhone’s personal hotspot.
Step #1: Open the “Settings” app on your iOS-enabled iPhone.
Step #2: Tap “Cellular” and open “Personal Hotspot”.
Step #3: Select “Family Sharing”.
Step #4: Toggle on “Family Sharing”.

Personal Hotspot in Family Sharing
Personal Hotspot in Family Sharing

Step #5: The whole list of Family Sharing can be customized.
Step #6: Choose the Family Person, to change settings.
Step #7: By default, “Ask for Approval” is selected.
Step #8: You can change it to “Automatic”.

Personal Hotspot in Family Sharing
Personal Hotspot in Family Sharing

By doing so, you can manage and share your personal hotspot with all the members of the Family Sharing Group.

Now on iPad, Open Settings and Tap on WiFi.
Wait for Few Seconds, Your Parental Device will show under the My Network. and Tap on it. to connect Personal hotspot without entering a password. see my below iPad screen, I tested on my child’s iPad name Jos Momen. if you are getting errors something like Could not Find the Network, Remote Hotspot Failure – Unable to start Personal hotspot iPhone, Simply Soft reboot your iPad or iPhone and Try to connect again. [Settings > General > Shut Down on iPhone, iPad] more troubleshooting tips jump here in the last section of this article.

Connect instant hotspot in iOS 13
Connect instant hotspot in iOS 15

Hang on! Check Video for Automatically connect Instant Hotspot

Family Sharing Personal Hotspot Supporting Now on Mac

Mac installed MacOS Catalina or later, Your Mac Will receive a notification if On Mac has no internet connection. Your iPhone Personal Hotspot is available to use on Mac, Just click on connect in notification badge that appears on Mac top right corner of the screen.

Instant Hotspot connect from Family Sharing Device
Instant Hotspot connect from Family Sharing Device

For that, you don’t need to enable or allow Personal Hotspot for Family sharing just like other family members’ iOS and iPadOS devices. For me, My Mac Installed MacOS Catalina and Mac are logged with the same Apple ID that I am using on my iOS device running with the latest iOS.

Steps to Share Personal Hotspot with Unknown or Other iOS/Android/Windows

In case, if you want to connect with Personal Hotspot but the person is not included in Family Sharing, then here’s the way to share personal hotspots with others. It is helpful when you want to share a personal hotspot with your friends or colleagues.

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Step #1: Navigate to the “Settings” app.
Step #2: Tap “Cellular” and go to “Personal Hotspot”.
Step #3: Turn on “Allow Others to Join”. Now Set the Security password for your Personal hotspot and Allow you to join only you want. Next, follow the steps to set the Personal hotspot wifi password.

Now, other than Family Member anyone can join the personal hotspot of your iPhone.

Steps to Change Password of Personal Hotspot on iOS

Generally, the default passwords are a bit tough to remember, however they are hard guessed and crack. Yet, if you want to change the default personal hotspot password then, read on the process. Kindly note that it is not the password of the Family sharing personal hotspot.

Step #1: Go to the “Settings” app.
Step #2: Open “Cellular” and open “Personal Hotspot”.
Step #3: Enable “Allow Others to Join”.
Step #4: Tap “Wi-Fi Password”.

Personal Hotspot in Family Sharing
Personal Hotspot in Family Sharing

Step #5: Now, you can set the password whatever you want.
Step #6: Tap “Done”.

Family Sharing Personal Hotspot not working on iPhone? Troubleshooting

we found this error while testing and using Instant Hotspot in iOS and iPadOS. Could not Find the Network, Remote Hotspot Failure – Unable to start Personal hotspot iPhone, Soft Restart is working amazingly. I think there are some issues that apple is resolving and will be fixed in next update.

Family Sharing Personal Hotspot is a newly introduced feature for iPhone users, so there is no doubt you can use it correctly for the first time unless you are an iPhone enthusiast. We are not doubting your skills, but there are users who make silly mistakes and realizes them later after trying dozens of troubleshooting tricks. Fix Personal Hotspot not working on iOS 13.

  • Valid internet plan that has Personal hotspot support.
  • Bluetooth connection is enabled on all devices according to imore.
  • Family iCloud Account added in Primary Device’s Family Sharing.

Hard Reboot iOS/iPadOS: Could not Find the Network & Remote Hotspot Failure Error

This error on the secondary device came because of connection issues. The soft restart will work 99%.  but if not working then go with the hard reboot of your iOS or iPad.

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First Solution: WiFi is Turn on Your Device and Other Device

To Use Your Personal Hotspot WiFi on Other Devices, File or USB connection must be enabled. To check this, Disable and Enable Personal hotspot under the settings app. Settings app on iPhone/iPad > Enable Mobile Data and Go to Personal Hotspot after that > Enable Personal hotspot.

Second Solution: Reset Network Settings and Follow the setup again

Repair all the internet and mobile data connectivity issues after reset network settings on your iOS and iPadOS device. make sure that your Saved WiFi password is erased in this network settings reset. But the no worry about the iOS data or App Data. During the resetting process, your device will be boot one time.

Steps to Reset network Settings iOS 15 and later device

  • #1. open Settings App that looks like a gear icon, you can search using spotlight search and App library.
  • #2. Tap General
  • #3. Scroll the screen all the down and tap Transfer or Reset iPhonereset-network-settings-in-ios-and-ipados
  • #4. Now Tap Reset > Hit on Reset Network Settings > Enter your iPhone lock screen passcode > Click Reset Network settings.

Steps to Reset network Settings iOS 14 and Earlier device

Step 1: Go to the Settings app.
Step 2: Next, Tap on General and Scroll to Reset.
Next, to reset, there are many types of resetting options, Tap on Reset Network Settings only. After that enter Passcode to successfully reset network settings.

Third Solution: Check your iCloud account

To use Personal Hotspot in Family Sharing your iPhone should be signed in with the same iCloud account. Once you signed in with the same iCloud account, you can have internet access to the personal hotspot without entering the password.

Personal Hotspot in Family Sharing only works if the parent iPhone has added you to the Family Sharing group. Although, parent iPhones can add up to six members.

Here are Steps for Enable/ set up Family Sharing on iPhone: Add a New Family for Personal Hotspot sharing

Step #1: Go to the “Settings” app.
Step #2: Tap on your name.
Step #3: Select “Set Up Family Sharing” on the parent iPhone.
Step #4: Tap “Add Family Member”.

Personal Hotspot in Family Sharing
Personal Hotspot in Family Sharing

Note: If you are setting up Family Sharing for the first time, then tap Get Started and follow on-screen instructions.
Step #5: Choose from Invite via iMessage, Invite in Person and Create a Child Account.
Step #6: Now, enter the Apple ID and Password of the person who wants to participate in Family Sharing, if you go for Invite in Person.

Set Up Family Sharing
Set Up Family Sharing

This article covers all the settings that really help you to enable a Personal hotspot in family sharing on iPhone. That Automatically joins your Family Device to your iPhone over personal hotspot WiFi. Share your problem with us in the comment.

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