How to Enable Picture in Picture on YouTube App iPhone, iPad: 2023

Picture in Picture on YouTube App iPhone

After the so many ups and downs between the YouTube PiP Mode and iPhone/iPad, finally, we’ve cracked a way out to use PiP mode on YouTube App without a subscription. Unlike Android phones, Apple devices took too long to introduce the Picture-in-Picture for the YouTube App. Nevertheless, the latest iOS 14 can do a lot more, then it seems, personalizing the Home Screen, Managing App Library, Adding Home Screen Widgets, and of course the YouTube Picture-in-Picture.

Aside from YouTube, the FaceTime App also supports the PiP mode. Earlier Apple has added the Split View on the iPad, though it covers half of the screen, which is useless and not available in the iOS devices. But, using Shortcuts App, it can be used with iPad, iPhone running iPadOS 14/iOS 14 or later running on iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11, iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone X, iPhone 8(Plus), iPhone 7(7 Plus), iPhone 6S(6S Plus), iPad.

How to Enable and Use YouTube Picture-in-Picture on iPhone, iPad

Apart from Shortcuts App, YouTube PiP can be played using the Safari App, visit our well-explained article to learn that too.

  1. Download the Shortcuts AppScriptable App from the App Store if you don’t have it.
    Download apps and Open settings on iPhone
    Download apps and Open settings on iPhone
  2. Navigate to the Settings app.
  3. Scroll down and tap on the Shortcuts app.
    Enable Untrusted Shortcut on iPhone from settings
    Enable Untrusted Shortcut on iPhone from settings
  4. Under Sharing Security, turn on the Allow Untrusted Shortcuts button [Untrusted Shortcuts Grayed Out].
    • If Allow Untrusted Shortcuts option isn’t available for you, then open the Shortcuts App > tap on Gallery tab > and turn on random Automation Suggestions. This will bring the Allow Untrusted Shortcuts option in the Settings app.
  5. Click on the YouTube PiP Shortcut Link and tap Get Shortcut.
    Install PIP shortcut on iPhone for Youtube
    Install PIP shortcut on iPhone for Youtube
  6. Doing this will redirect you to the Shortcuts App.
  7. Read the written instructions, and once you’re done with that, swipe down the screen and tap on Add Untrusted Shortcuts.
  8. Next, visit the App Store.
  9. Locate the Scriptable App in the App Store or directly hit the link and download the app.
  10. Once the Scriptable App is installed, open the YouTube App.
    Share Option on YouTube video
    Share Option on YouTube video
  11. Play any video on the YouTube App.
  12. Tap on the Share button.
  13. Tap on the More button, it should be on the far right side.
  14. Swipe down and hit the YouTube PiP option.
    YouTube Video in PIP mode on iPhone
    YouTube Video in PIP mode on iPhone
    • For quicker access to the YouTube PiP, play any YouTube video > tap the Share button > scroll down and tap Edit Actions > tap the Plus button of the YouTube PiP.
  15. A prompt will appear like, “YouTube PiP” would like to access “Scriptable”. Tap OK to proceed.
  16. It’ll take you to the Scriptable app and the Picture-in-Picture for that YouTube Video will automatically load.
  17. From the same Scriptable app, you can adjust the Video Quality, and Playback Speed.
  18. Close the Scriptable app, the YouTube PiP Video will be visible on the home screen or while using any other app.
    Picture in Picture mode on YouTube app
    Picture in Picture mode on YouTube app
  19. If you’d like to continue the YouTube Video in PiP, but don’t want to use the iPhone, then press the Power button to lock the iPhone. Then, again press the Power button and tap Play to resume YouTube PiP in the background.

That’s it.

Also, you can Try Picture in picture YouTube video using Browser. Hope you enjoying the tips. Share your thoughts in the comment below.

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