How to Export Notes as PDF on Mac Monterey: Backup Notes Mac in to PDF

3 Export notes to PDF On Mac
Export notes to PDF On Mac

Notes app is handy if you are a forgetful person or habituated to note down certain things like passwords, URLs, pictures, etc. Although it is now upgraded with many user-friendly features like printing the notes, exporting notes as PDF and more. Unfortunately, you can only export notes as PDF in Mac, no other format like text, HTML made available by Apple.

Don’t be sad sooner or later more formats will be added by the Apple in notes. For now, use this great feature and if you don’t know how to use this, they prefer our guide to learn how to export notes as PDF in Mac. If you wish to print the notes, then there is no need to convert the Notes into PDF using a third-party application. Just click on Export to PDF in the notes app and print PDFs with ease and save time.

3 Export notes to PDF On Mac
Export notes to PDF On Mac

Limit: Can’t Export notes into PDF File

1. Password Protected notes we can’t create PDF. First Remove Password from Note, By click on the Lock icon and Select “Remove Lock” > “Enter the password to verify” and Done.

2. Close notes app, Force close app. Relaunch app and Try below steps again.

Save and Export Notes as PDF On Mac Mojave or Earlier: Notes to PDF Converter

Step #1: Launch the “Notes” app in Mac.

Step #2: “Choose the note” that you want to export as PDF.

Step #3: Next, click on the “File” in the menu to expand the options.

Step #4: Select “Export as PDF…

Export Notes in to PDF on Mac OS (1)
Export Notes into PDF on Mac OS

Step #5: Now it’s time to select the location where you want to save the PDF.

Step #6: Lastly, click on “Save”. Converted PDF file saved on your Mac. and Access it.

That’s it, Cheer and Enjoy Free Notes to PDF converter.

Also, we Can Re-edit PDF file using PDF converter software for Mac, Or Edit PDF File on Mac Free.

Once you click on Save, you can read all the notes in single PDF file. Let me remind you one of the notable features till now you are unable to share the notes to the devices other than Apple. However, from now quickly export the notes as PDF in Mac and share with any platform.

PDF widely use to share documents with others. that makes your notes not editable formate after we convert into PDF file.

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