Extract Archive, Unzip or Open Zip File on iPhone and iPad – Alternate Methods

Last Updated on Nov 10, 2020

New iOS is now more functional and easy to use or work with the Zip file. That means from iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) we can create Zip File, Extract Zip Archive, Unzip zip folder and Share through Share sheet options like Mail, Copy to Files app, Copy to Files app, Dropbox, iCloud Drive, Notes and Zip apps. Try alternate ways to zipping and Unzip the file on iPhone [Latest iPhone modes – iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max, iPhone 11, iPhone Xr, iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, iPhone 8(plus), iPhone 7(plus) and iPad]

Without unzip we can view or read content, Documents with all file formats.

In this tutorial, I explained the guide with some basic steps and learned how to use the different app for Open zip files on the iPhone using the best apps or Without App.

New File app allows saving file and view files and all archives without unzip then print directly from the app as well. Some Very best unzip apps also useful for the extract Zip file, Make Zip file from folder or photos.

But we can manage using the very useful and popular app for extracting zip files coming through Bluetooth, email, Airdrop, IP messenger, and browser. To see content from the zip file in the iOS device, it should be very difficult, but you can do it, without extracting the full file in your iOS device. So it gives a better solution on how to consume space on your device.

Why we have to use a Zip file extractor? Zip file compresses your data from any format using a compression algorithm and decompress also.

Useful: Enable Ask Before Deleting in your iPhone, iPad.

Follow the below guide for Extract/ Open zip file on iPhone and iPad

Method 1: Use Files app on iPhone, iPad

Sometimes iDevice users are confused about how to save zip file and Extract zip file on iPhone/iPad. also Files app allows you to move zip files from Mac or Desktop to iPhone and iPad. After that extract and view [Quick Preview] files within the device.

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iPhone/iPad users can download the zip file from the internet using the New Safari Download Manager to the Files app. Now the Unzip process is very easy. Just Single tap on the Zip file to extract the data in a new folder automatically. in the same, we can download the Zip file from the Mail app to the Files app.

UnZip File on iPhone

UnZip File on iPhone

Create a Zip Folder on the Files app

  1. Zipping Process is also easy, Creat a folder or select multiple file/documents at once using the select option on the Files app.
  2. Now Click on more button, After that click on the Compress option. to create a zip folder. Know more zip and unzip file on iPhone and iPad.
Create Zip File on iPhone Files app

Create Zip File on iPhone Files app

Method 2: Using the Mail App or Cloud Storage:

The answer is, Use Mail app send or save a draft in your account then access the Zip folder in your iPhone Mail app.

Using AirDrop Share Zip file Between iPhone & Mac:

For Mac Users: Send Zip file using Airdrop. Open Finder on Mac and Click on AirDrop from the side panel, Turn on AirDrop on iPhone, Drag Zip file in scanned devices list in AirDrop. Release file for send to other devices on the name. On Your iOS device, Receive file and Open in Zip supported app.

1 Copy Zip file on app using AirDrop

Once you get Zip file on an iOS device, Unzip zip file using App Store apps or Mail App, File app.

Method 3: Best Zip App for iPhone, Unzip File using iOS app

First, Copy Zip file from the Web browser, Mail app to iZip or WinZip app through the Sharing icon.

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Note: WinZip Free Version only allows for View Zip file, Not able to extract (Purchase pro version to add these features). But iZip extract and View Zip file in Free.

1: iZip – Zip Unzip Unrar tools

Key Features of this app are used rar, Zip file format, Compress files and photos – Videos directly into the app. This app supports private protection with AES Encryption. Send file to the email, Save into other apps, Print file using Air Print printer.

Pro Features:

Download and Upload in Dropbox, Box, Google Drive, One Drive, and other versions, Compress file with the password.

Follow the steps below, How to use the app for unzip the file?

Download iZip app, Open Zip File in iZip app via AirDrop, Mail App or Browser. Will the app ask you about the Extract app file?

3 Share Zip file from Mail app

Tap on “Ok

2 Copy Zip File to iZip app and Extract Zip on iPhone

The folder is extracted and accessible on the main screen.

4 Extract Zip file in to folder on iphone izip app

2: WinZip – The Leading Zip, UnZip & RAR Tool

WinZip Now secure with Touch ID and Passcode

Millions of iOS users are using this way to extract/ Open zip files on the iPhone and iPad.  You can also follow the same to get the archive file on your iOS device.

At first, you need WinZip for iOS, iPhone, and iPad. Download it from iTunes, Compatible with iOS 7 or later with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

If you know, WinZip is the very most powerful and known program over windows, Mac and now in iOS also. So believe it’s functional, without any fear and make secure all the time.

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You can also make password-protected files and folder for security purposes or able to open a zip files on iPhone as a password protected.

At first install WinZip in iPhone install successfully. Now you can open it directly.

Whenever Zip file comes on your iOS device from any medium. One extra option must be available on your screen from that zip file extension, like “Open in WinZip”.

5 Copy or Save Zip File in to WinZip iPhone app

Save Zip file in WinZip app, Tap on Zip file on the home screen.

6 Tap on Zip file in WinZip app

Next, Tap on the pencil icon at the top right corner of the screen.

After that, the Select radio button for the unzip file. Then Tap on “More” from the bottom right screen.

7 Select Zip file and Extract in App

Tap on Unzip.

Else, you can also access files depending on the archive format like the image, video, Keynote, Presentation, Powerpoint slide, Word doc file, Media file, Number spreadsheet, etc. given in the below image.

8 View file from Zip folder on iPhone withouth Unzip

You can share on social media or upload this file over Dropbox, Google Drive, and one Drive directly from this app.

Under this app, you can also see the list of all the zip files in a row for easy access and find.

Method 4: Open Zip Archive Without App

iOS file system supports Zip extension by default. So We don’t need to extract and use. Get the instant preview and Copy a file to other app or Files app easily.

step 1: Go to Mail app and Tap on Zip file attached in email.

10 Open zip file on Mail app on iPhone

Next, Tap on Zip file, Tap on Preview content.

11 Preview Zip contant on iPhone

See, Other files and Directories by the tap on three horizontal line icon at the bottom right corner of the screen.

12 Zip Archive file preview on Mail app

Generally, this technique is very useful for get instant preview inside zip without unzip the file or use the third-party app.

13 see all zip folder and files on iPhone

Also Useful: Send Zip File in Gmail on iPhone

So from the above advance point, we can say WinZip for iOS is the best way to Unzip or open zip file on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. Don’t miss to share your review on how like this tips for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

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