How to Find and Catch Wild Pokémon on iPhone in 2023

Catch Wild Pokémon on iPhone

Are you want to fight with a wild Pokémon? First of all, you have to find it on your iPhone Map. after getting it, you can catch it. Here’s everything about how to find and catch wild Pokémon on the iPhone. Normally, Pokémon loves to live in places like parks, even though wild Pokémon loves to live in certain environments and climates such as lakes, different- different types of bodies of water, oceans area, and most like beaches, sandy area. There are more than 30 million users are playing Pokémon go on his/her Smartphone and they time to time catches kinds of Pokémon nearby their location. But Wild Pokémon is a wonderful one to capture it. So don’t hold, go ahead to attract nearby Pokémon using Incense, find Wild Pokémon and Catch it and drop into your Profile.

While you will have wild Pokémon nearby your location at the moment you iPhone will vibrate and alert you. So try to find Wild Pokémon on an above-noted place and fight with it and enjoy more fun on the go.

Tip to Find and Catch Wild Pokémon on iPhone, iPod

Catch Wild Pokémon on iPhone

To encounter wild Pokémon on the iPhone, you may have multiple attempts to catch it before it runs away from you.

Do you know what items much like a Wild Pokémon? A Wild Pokémon favorite food is a Razzberry. So now simple logic to catch a wild Pokémon. You have to tap on items bag and take a Razzberry then set a target ring to encounter a wild Pokémon in front of you.

In addition, there are many high-performance poke balls such as Great Balls, Ultra, and Master balls that can increase the ability to capture Wild Pokémon. Now we will look procedure to

Catch Pokémon on Wild iPhone.

  1. Launch the latest Pokémon Go Game on your iPhone.
  2. Then, take a walk to find a wild Pokémon on the Map.
  3. mostly choose forest or parks to navigate Wide Pokémon.
  4. while Wild Pokémon nearby you at the time your iPhone will vibrate.

Tip to attract Pokémon to attract hardly Pokémon you should use an item known as Incense.

  1. The Pokémon will appear in front of you.

Take a Note: You may need to orient/ adjust your iPhone or turn off camera mode.

  1. Now tap and hold on Poke ball to getting a color target ring around a Pokémon.

(Access your items Bag to take a Razz Berry.)

take a Razz berry Pokémon Go Game on your iPhone Find and Catch Wild Pokémon

  1. Hit the Pokémon to begin your fight attempt to encounter it.

A target ring will appear around the Pokémon. The ring’s color indicates the difficulty level of capturing the Pokémon.

Different color rings indicate differ-differ difficulty such as

  • Red Ring- Extremely difficulty
  • Green ring – low difficulty
  • Orange – intermediate difficulty

While the color ring will become the smallest diameter at that time the success chance to catch up Pokémon would be increased. So fling a poke ball toward Pokémon and do encounter it.

Whenever you will get success, then the Poké Ball will capture the Wild Pokémon. Watch out, though— Wild Pokémon can escape from the Poké Ball.

Don’t Miss: Drag and rapidly spin the Poké Ball in a circular motion before you leave it for a chance to receive a curveball bonus.

That’s it.

How seems you this way to How to Find and Catch Wild Pokémon on iPhone? like it? Share it. Stat tuned to get more tips and tricks of AR Pokémon Go game.

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