How to find stolen Mac over the Map remotely

In Case lost your Mac running on Any OS X, And you want to track your lost/ Stolen Mac device remotely over the web on another device, You can do it officially and in the perfect manner. Apple Gives free service by watch through GPS tracking. Over the Map you can see the list of all Mac devices running on same Apple ID. Here I also clarify in which condition you can track/ Find stolen Mac or not. If enable or Disable condition then what is next step for anxious folk.

Track/ Find stolen Mac option useful for you MacBook, MacBook pro, MacBook Air, iMac and Other older/ New version of Mac running on OS X Lion, Mavericks and Yosemite or New OS X.

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Steps for Find stolen Mac and Check current position and Direction on Mac

Find stolen Mac remotely from other deviceIn the case, are you sure about that on your lost device enabled with find my Mac option? Then proceed for steps given in below.

Now what you can do if Find my Mac enabled: 1. Erase whole data remotely 2. Find the location over the Map.

Step 1: Go ot the Browser And Login on Or Use find my iPhone free apps on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Note: Use Same Apple ID, that has been opened in your remote/Stolen Device.

Step 2: After the successful login, You can see the list other connected devices. To view current location, on map just Click on device name.

  • You can also here sound nearby your device
  • You can also lock Mac remotely or send message on Screen
  • Find My Mac also helps to delete personal data remotely
Case 2: Find My Mac doesn’t enable or turn on Stolen Mac

Before lost your Mac device you didn’t setup find My Mac or Enabled it, Then Follow the below alternate solution.

  1. Reset your Apple ID password from another device.
  2. Also reset another service like Mail, Message and Social account
  3. Send query on your own Apple Mac along with serial number.

Still not resolve and any query regarding your Find stolen Mac on some critical condition share with others and we will be glad to assist you.