Enable Find my Mac to Track Offline Stolen Mac, MacBook On The Map: Catalina or Earlier

Last Updated on Dec 2, 2019

In Case lost your Mac running on Any OS X, And you want to track your lost/ Stolen Mac device remotely over the web on another device, You can do it officially and in the perfect manner. Apple Gives free service by watch through GPS tracking. Over the Map, you can see the list of all Mac devices running on the same Apple ID. Here I also clarify in which condition you can track/ Find stolen Mac or not. If Find My Mac feature is enabled or Disable condition then what is the next step for anxious folk. macOS Catalina or latest macOS, Offline finding feature helps to find your Mac when WiFi is not enabled or Offline.

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Track/ Find stolen Mac option useful for your MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac and Another older/ New version of Mac running on macOS Catalina, macOS High Sierra, OS X Lion, Mavericks, and Yosemite or New OS X. Update your Mac right now to MacOS Catalina and get Offline finding feature to track your Mac when it’s offline.

Serious Cases

  • Mac is stolen and Find My Mac Remotely after the battery has died
  • WiFi is Turn off, and unable to see the live location or current location. – Offline Finding [Support in macOS Catalina or later]


  • macOS Catalina or latest: Apple Logo from top Mac Menu > System Preferences > Security & Privacy > “Click on lock to make Changes” > Select Location Services > Enable Location Service & Find My.
  • macOS Mojave or Earlier: Find my Mac Turned on Before lost your Mac. To enable this option, Go to the Apple Menu > System Preferences > iCloud > Login with Apple ID and Password > Enable Find My iPhone and Turn on Location Service under the Detail option.

For the above cases, you will get the last location just before WiFi is turned on and Battery has died.

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Steps for Find stolen Mac and Check current position and Direction on Mac


Enable Find My Mac on Mac Computer

  1. Go to the Apple Logo from top Mac Menu > System Preferences.

    System Preferences on Mac

    System Preferences on Mac

  2. Next, Click on Apple ID under the System Preferences.

    Apple ID account settings on Mac

    Apple ID account settings on Mac

  3. Now, Tap on iCloud from the side panel of Window.
  4. Scroll the list of iCloud services and Find “Find My” Option. Also, Allow Find My Mac to use the location of this mac.

    Enable location service for use Find My Mac

    Enable location service for use Find My Mac

  5. Select the checkbox to enable it. Once you enable it, You will find another options to make more customizations for Turn off Online Find My Mac or Turn Off Offline Finding Mac option. I recommend to turn on both the option.

    Turn on offline finding on Mac running macOS Catalina or later

    Turn on offline finding on Mac running macOS Catalina or later

  6. That’s it.

Fix Location Service if Off Error on Find my Mac Settings

For the location of your Mac on Map Accuracy, We need to turn on Location Services for Mac and Enable for Find my only. yes, We can do it from Mac System Preferences.

  1. Go to the Apple Logo from top Mac Menu > System Preferences > iCloud > Find My Mac “Location Services if Off”. > Click on Details next to this option and Click on Open Security & Privacy option. [Otherwise, we can directly enable under System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Location Services > Find My].

    Location Service is off error on Find My Mac Enable

    Location Service is off error on Find My Mac Enable

  2. Tap on the Lock icon to make changes. Enter Your Mac System password > And Select Location Services > Enable Location Services > Enable Find My also.

    Enable Location Services on Mac

    Enable Location Services on Mac

  3. That’s it. Error is Gone and Easy to Find Your Mac on Map from Other Apple Devices or icloud.com

    Offline Finding on Mac for Find My Mac feature

    Offline Finding on Mac for Find My Mac feature

Use Offline Finding on Mac or Use Find My Mac

  • Your Other Apple Device signed in with the same iCloud you will able to find your Mac’s location on Mac using the App. Find My App is now on All the Apple Devices just use it to find any of your Apple Devices.
  • Find My App is pre-installed on iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Mac, iPod Touch running on iOS 13/iPadOS/WatchOS 6 & macOS Catalina or later.

Use Find My App

  1. Open Find My App on the iPhone.
  2. Under the Devices Tab sees your Mac name and Tap on it to Show location on Map.
  3. Now we can play sound remotely, Get the Directions on Map, Notifications, Mark as Lost & Erase This device remotely – This option clear stolen MacBook, mac.

    Use Find My App to Track Your lost Mac

    Use Find My App to Track Your lost Mac

Use iCloud.com: Trak on Any Device

icloud com for find your Mac

icloud com for find your Mac

Can I Find a lost MacBook with a serial number? No. You need your Apple ID that you are using lost MacBook, Using this apple ID we can log in icloud find service and track it easily.

In the case, are you sure about that on your lost device enabled with find my Mac option? Then proceed for steps given in below.

Now, what you can do if Find my Mac enabled: 1. Erase whole data remotely 2. Find the location on the Map.

Step 1: Go to the Browser And Login on www.icloud.com/find. Or Use find my iPhone free apps on your iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Note: Use the Same Apple ID, that has been opened on your remote/Stolen Device.

Step 2: After the successful login, You can see the list of other connected devices. To view the current location, on the map just click on the device name.

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  • You can also here sound nearby your device
  • You can also lock Mac remotely or send a message on Screen
  • Find My Mac also helps to delete personal data remotely

Case 2: Report Stolen MacBook, Mac: Find My Mac doesn’t enable or turn on Stolen Mac

Before lost your Mac device you didn’t set up Find My Mac or Enabled it, Then Follow the below alternate solution.

  1. Reset your Apple ID password from another device.
  2. Also reset another service like Mail, Message, and Social account
  3. Send query on your own Apple Mac along with the serial number. Mention that your Mac has Find My Mac Enabled.

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