How to Fix a Water Damaged iPhone That Won’t Turn On

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iPhone Water Damage doesn’t only occur when the device is dropped into Sink or in Toilet or Swimming Pool. But there are many cases where iPhone users have reported liquid damage while hiking on mountains, working out in the gym, jogging or playing, or performing adventurous activities while keeping the iPhone in hand or pocket. A single drop of water or sweat could result in iPhone won’t turn on after dying.
We’ll be addressing one of the most common issues, as iPhone dropped in water won’t turn on. Usually, iPhone water damage repair costs are pretty expensive; therefore, before going to Apple Genius Bar or anywhere to get the device repair, we’d highly recommend you try the below-mentioned solutions to fix the iPhone that fell in the water and won’t turn on.

My iPhone Got Wet! How To Fix iPhone Water Damage

How to Check for iPhone Water Damage?

By checking the LCI (Liquid Contact Indicator) color shade, you can determine and confirm whether the iPhone is liquid damaged or not.
For iPhone 5 or new, the LCI is located in the same space where the SIM slot is there. iPhone 4/4S/3GS/3G have LCI located in the Headphone Jack & Charging Port, while for iPhone 1st Gen you can find it in the Headphone Jack.

How to Locate LCI in iPhone?

Remove the SIM Tray, use the SIM Ejector PIN that came out of the box with your iPhone. Then, place the iPhone upside down, and make sure to bring the flashlight with you. While concerning older iPhones, you don’t need any of these, just a flashlight.

What If LCI is RED?

When LCI is RED, consider it as liquid damage, and you would have to run towards the Apple Store or the nearest Technical person who has good knowledge of repairing phones.

What If LCI is PINK?

No matter, iPhone is RED or PINK, your iPhone has come in contact with the water, and it’s better to get it fixed by the technical person. Typically, water damages are not covered under warranty unless you have AppleCare+.

What If LCI is YELLOW?

Yellow LCI indicates the iPhone is not water damaged and is safe. You can try the below solutions to turn on the device, and if none of it works, you might need Apple’s assistance.

First, Clean the iPhone.

I presume you’ve already wiped the iPhone with the dry clean; if not, then do it immediately. Is your iPhone covered with a protective case? If yes, then clean the case and then gently remove it from iPhone. Hold the device still, don’t try to move or shake; this won’t remove the water; instead, it will cause water to spread across the device.

Remove SIM Card

On top of that, the following immediate action you should be taking is removing the SIM Card. This will facilitate the airflow between the internal parts, and water will be evaporated quickly. Furthermore, the SIM Card won’t be damaged, a minor water spill doesn’t harm the SIM, but when the SIM is exposed for an extended period, there are chances of damage.

Keep the iPhone SIM compartment open for some time, and put the iPhone below the fan or use a device to throw gentle air. Avoid using Air Dryer or such electric device that throws hot air.

Put iPhone on Flat Surface.

Another workaround is to lay down the iPhone on a flat surface like the Floor, Computer Desk, or Dining Table. Moreover, make sure to put the device in low humidity to avoid moisture. Finally, let the iPhone stay in the open air under the fan.

Put Desiccants on your iPhone.

Desiccants are the substance that generates a state of dryness. So, we’re suggesting putting the Desiccants on top of the iPhone to produce the dryness. Usually, Desiccants come with the items like Vitamins, Clothes, Electronics, etc. however, if you haven’t stored the desiccants, you might have to buy them from the market.

Let the Water Evaporate

Sometimes, doing nothing resolves the issues. That’s what we’re recommending to you right now. Ensure to keep the device still, and for that, it’s best to place the device on a flat surface because once the water starts spreading, you cannot stop it. Uncover the iPhone, remove the SIM, and put it under open-air, and kindly don’t try to turn on the device for 24 hours or at least wait for 5 hours.

Turn On the iPhone

Have you waited for at least 5 hours? Finally, it’s time to turn on your iPhone. Try pressing the power button and let the iPhone turn on. If that doesn’t work, plug the device to charge and wait for the device to respond. You’ll know within few minutes of connecting the charger to the iPhone.

Backup iPhone

If you can turn on the iPhone, then the first step should be to take the backup using iCloud or iTunes. Who knows if the iPhone doesn’t respond or wipe out all the data after turning on. Therefore, it’s better to backup the device before something goes wrong.

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