How to fix Face ID is Not Available, try setting up face ID later in iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS or iPhone XR

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Face ID is not available in iPhone XS Max? No matter how many times you change the position of your face, the iPhone will show you this error. To eliminate this issue from iPhone, you have to prefer a tricky solution.  Generally, when we set up face ID for the first time you will encounter the error message like Face ID is Not Available, try setting up face ID later.

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While you set up face ID, iPhone will ask you to Position your face within the frame, Move iPhone little lower, perform face movement, etc. but at last, you will end up with Face ID not available error. In this tutorial, we will tell you the causes, and the solution to Face ID is not available in iPhone XS Max/XS/XR.

Face ID is not Available Try Setting Up Face ID later on iphone XS max iPhone XS iPhone XR
Face ID is not Available Try Setting Up Face ID later on iphone XS max iPhone XS iPhone XR

Why Face ID is not available in iPhone?

Here we will show you the possible reason behind this error message,

  • Make sure your iPhone’s True Depth Camera isn’t covered up with any accessory.
  • With a soft piece of cloth clean the front camera gently.
  • Also, keep in mind your face is not covered by anything, it will increase difficulties for iPhone camera to scan your face
  • Always create face ID in bright places, avoid dark spots while creating face ID.
  • Hold your iPhone exact in front of iPhone for perfect detection of the face.

In case you are following all the above measurements then you must hard reboot your iPhone to fix temporary glitches from iPhone.

Fix 1: Force restart iPhone

Step #1: Press and quickly release the Volume Up button.

Step #2: Press and quickly release Volume Down button.

Step #3: Lastly, press and hold Side button until Apple logo appears.

Fix 2: Reset All Settings

Face ID is not available in iPhone, still showing then move forward to advance solution to fix it. When you perform reset all settings, the settings will be deleted from the iPhone such as saved Wi-Fi passwords, APNs, VPNs, etc. Make sure to backup or write those passcodes in a note before a reset.

Step #1: Launch the “Settings” app in iPhone.

Step #2: Tap “General”.

Step #3: Scroll down and select “Reset”.

Step #4: Tap “Reset All Settings”.

Step #5: Confirm Reset All Settings by entering a passcode.

Fix 3: Check for Software Update

Introducing iPhone to new software means introducing yourself to new functions, leaving behind the bugs of the device. It might be possible the problem with face ID gets fixed by updating iPhone to the latest version.

Step #1: Go to the “Settings” app.

Step #2: Open “General”.

Step #3: Tap on “Software Update”.

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