How to fix iPhone Wi-Fi not working iOS 9

Last Updated: Mar 4, 2016

Whenever you are unhappy to discovering the troubleshooting for your iPhone Wi-Fi not working iOS 9; then here you could get everything accurate diagnosis for that. We are almost using the wireless network to getting internet connectivity for our Smartphone or any other Wi-Fi built-in devices.

There are many problems occurs after upgrading Apple iOS devices like Bluetooth not working, Wi-Fi dropping problem and many other issues. Out off all matters a big issue is Wi-Fi not working on iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch. Many of the iOS 9 users addressed the Wi-Fi issue and reporting their issue on Apple support site. Luckily, here you can get your problem obviation trick as fix iPhone Wi-Fi connection problems in iOS 9. So let’s follow below listed clues order wise. Hope, this article would be helpful for you.

Ultimate Workarounds to fix iPhone Wi-Fi not working iOS 9

Your iPhone Wi-Fi says incorrect password then let’s try to resolve that issue by following steps. Given same solution, you can also apply for if your iPad or iPod touch Wi-Fi not working well.

fix Wi-Fi problems in iOS 9

Make sure that your Router Wi-Fi switch is ON and your iPhone within coverage

In some case router is ON, but router Wi-Fi switch is to be Off; so the router cannot connecting for Wi-Fi devices. Please verify it and if it’s okay, then keep continue steps to resolve Wi-Fi issue.

Verify your iPhone Wi-Fi is ON and Enter correct Wi-Fi password

Go SettingsWi-Fi. Make sure Wi-Fi toggle turned ON. You can be seeing name of Wi-Fi network tap on it to connect. While your Wi-Fi connected successfully, you can see a blue check mark beside a network name.

If your Wi-Fi grayed out or looking Dim color

Check you have the latest Version of iOSiPhone Wi-Fi grayed out or looking Dim color how to fix

  • Settings app → General → Software update

If Software is up to date, although you face Wi-Fi issue then try last step (Reset network Settings).

Restart your iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

Learn how to Restart.

Reset Network Settings in iOS 9.xx

After tried above steps still you get same Wi-Fi problems in iOS 9. You must follow reset network Settings on iPhone, iPad, iPod.

Learn how to reset Network Settings.

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