How To Fix iPhone XS Max That Turned Off and No Longer Turns on or stuck on black Screen

Most of the time when we are using the device it suddenly gets turned off and when we try to turn it on it gets stuck on the black screen and do not turn on. It is a common problem people are facing with the iPhone XS Max nowadays. Usually, this complication arises due to software malfunctioning, and this error caused when firmware crashes.

So in the below article, we will show you how to Fix iPhone XS Max that turned off and no longer turns on or stuck on black Screen. You can give life to your iPhone XS Max through this solutions in a few minutes.

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Quick Solutions for the issues: iPhone XS Max won’t turn on after Turn off

Solution 1: Force Reboot your iPhone

If you have to face different problems with iPhone earlier then probably everytime you have force restarted your iPhone XS Max. And you don’t know how to force restart iPhone XS Max then follow the steps and perform force reboot of iPhone XS Max. This troubleshooting is effective when your iPhone XS Max’s firmware crash.

Step #1: Press and release the Volume Up button.

Step #2: Press and release the Volume Down button.

Step #3: Hold down the Power button until the Apple logo appears on the screen.

Though it may take more time in case of firmware crashed.

Solution 2: Charge iPhone XS Max for a while

Sometimes in a hurry, we create more problems for ourselves. The thing about the electronic device then you have to find a better solution without damaging the product. So we will do the same, just connect the charger to the iPhone and give some time to it and check if it is starting or not. When the battery is completely drained, it will take a few minutes to reboot the iPhone. Unfortunately, if the firmware is also crashed then iPhone will become unresponsive, and it results in iPhone XS Max stuck on black screen. Let’s see how to fix it.

Don’t try always, as of my Experience sometime I am using my iPad charger to charge my iPhone’s Charge. it’s too fast. During charging in process, Your iPhone will show Big Battery on screen only. If iPhone displaying lightning cable along with battery that means power is not passing out in iPhone’s Battery.

  1. Connect the charger to iPhone XS Max.
  2. Do not disconnect even if iPhone is not responding for 10 minutes.
  3. Press and release the Volume Up button.
  4. Press and release the Volume Down button.
  5. Press and Hold the Power button and release when you see Apple logo.

1 Hard Reboot or Force Restart iPhone XS Max

Solution 3: Try Connecting your iPhone XS Max with computer

Watch the Video or Follow the Steps beneath

Now you can identify if the cable is defected by connecting your iPhone XS Max with a computer, if it shows connected then there is a problem with adapter or power source. Else if you want to go for restoring the iPhone then follow the below steps and restore it.

Step #1: Close all the applications currently running on your computer.

Step #2: Now connect the iPhone XS Max with the computer via lightning cable.

Step #3: After connecting the iPhone with computer, press and hold the Side button for 4 seconds.

Step #4: Now along with the Side button, press Volume Down button for 10 sec. Now your iPhone has Black screen and iTunes showing Restore iPhone button only. See the image below,

1 Restore iPhone XS Max in DFU Mode

You would see Apple logo if you held the button for more than the specified duration. And so you have to start the process again.

Step #5: And if you don’t see Apple logo then release the Side button and keep pressing the Volume Down button for more 5 sec.

Step #6: Next, if the screen of iPhone XS Max remains black that means your iPhone is successfully entered in DFU mode.

Step #7: Now you will see a message displaying iTunes has detected your iPhone. Follow the prompts and complete the process of recovery.

Step #8: If you find that iPhone XS Max is showing Plug into iTunes, that indicates your iPhone XS Max isn’t entered into DFU mode. In DFU mode the screen remains black only.

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Still, if you got any confusion regarding how to enter your iPhone XS Max into DFU mode, then you can watch the video more times and clear your doubts.

Wrap up!

I think this problem is really serious but not out of the control. You can definitely fix your self if it is regarding software glitches. For the hardware issues, you may ask for apple support via live chat or book Appointment yourself.

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