How to fix iPhone XS Won’t Turn On and Black Screen Issue [Fixed]

1 iPhone XS Black Screen issues

Here are the fixes that diagnose your iPhone XS problem from won’t restart black screen due to any reasons like Drop from your hand, not charging a battery after put it on a full night, a software update that rebooting, again and again, Hardware damage and Loose contact between hardware components. Find some important solutions for the black screen of death iPhone XS.

This is the normal case that happens with all the device at once after years of usage, This types of a device also called aged device, that has Expired Battery, No more powerful processor not compatible with latest iOS and so more reasons. Still old is gold, People are trying to use after repair and fix software problem DIY. So, All the best let’s help me to fix your problem. Let’s Explore more that fix from Hard Reboot, Find out Charging issues, Restore, Hardware Damage, faulty apps and more.

The troubleshooting tricks are basic, but if you are new to iPhone then kindly follow the video tutorial to fix iPhone XS won’t turn on iOS 13/iOS 12. It will definitely help you guide how to perform actions on iPhone XS.

1 iPhone XS Black Screen issues

Personal experience and Walkthrough guide for iPhone XS won’t turn on and black screen: iOS 13/iOS 12

Prepare and check these conditions at a glance before starting your job for Beginners,

  • iPhone has enough battery to turn on a screen, Your iPhone completely died after no battery. iPhone has no battery and won’t charge because of dust particles inside charging port [Clean inside the port using Soft stick]
  • Use Official Charger to charge. Use Another charger for the same model from your friends. Sometimes, Cable is short from the inside. also, check Cable gets loose after connecting it on to the holder.
  • iTunes updated with the latest version on Mac or PC
  • For the Expert, you should check
  1. Replace the Battery that purchased from Amazon store or other local stores
  2. Need some experience in Electronics items repair

Are you afraid of doing the above things, Don’t waste your time and go to apple support center or iPhone repair technician nearby you? Otherwise, raise your Support ticket for book your appointment online from here. If there is any system fault then it might be possible that you will get your iPhone replaced, under some terms and conditions. One more thing to keep in mind that, only give your iPhone XS to the official Apple Store technicians. The iPhone’s warranty will get void if any third party local repairer shop dismantle the iPhone. Till then, buy some cheap smartphone and wait for the Apple Support response. 

Keep your iPhone updated with the latest version of iOS. Might be there is a crashing issue that reported many users after iOS update. (Go to the Settings > General > Software Update > Check For Update.)

1. Try to Force restart or hard reboot iPhone XS 

This kind of problem automatically seems to be perfect by force restart hard reboot. This solution automatically repairs hardware issues and sometimes software issues. Other issues like iPhone XS won’t charge or stuck on death black screen will get eliminated real quick.

2 Hard Reboot your iPhone XS (1)

How to restart iPhone XS?

  • Press and quickly release the Volume Up button.
  • Press and quickly release the Volume Down button
  • Continuously press and hold the side button until you see the black screen after apple logo on the screen.

iPhone not showing any startup signal, after that try to Restart your iPhone and use recovery mode

2. Restart iPhone XS into recovery mode

Secondly, you can try to restart the iPhone XS in recovery mode with the help of macOS or Windows. Why my iPhone XS won’t turn on, is that your question? There is nothing to panic, due to some faulty applications such error occurs or if the iPhone is defected then ask Apple to replace with the new one.

For macOS Cataline, you can restore iPhone XS into recovery mode

  • Open iTunes and Connect your iPhone to iTunes on Mac or PC.
  • Quickly press and release the Volume up button, after that volume down button. Now Only press and hold the Side button on iPhone XS.

1 iPhone XS Restore using iTunes

Now you see the apple logo on the screen, after that you will see the Lightning connector on iPhone screen. At the same time iTunes will prompt with the message, and Options for Restore or Update button.

Now you can release the side button Because you are in recovery mode. Now You have two options for repair the iOS version. Use appropriately.

  • Update option: This button first downloads compatible iOS version in iTunes after that install automatically. This option doesn’t erase data.
  • Restore option: Restore will erase all the data at first forcefully, and install the new iOS version with the Last backup.

After installation complete, your iPhone will get out automatically from recovery mode.

Get Help from Apple: You really feel the serious problem with your new iPhone XS. Get advantage of 1-year free repair and replacement facility. Keep purchase receipt with you and go to the nearest apple store or service center.

If you stuck iPhone X into recovery mode, only press the side button to get out from recovery mode. Otherwise, your iPhone will not show in iTunes that normally you see. Get help and fix. Get more updates and tips on Facebook, Twitter or Google Plus, & YouTube.

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