How to fix a corrupt iPhone backup and restore its data

Get here the best tips that can be solving your iOS 14 device backing up time error. There are several troubleshooting ways to get rid across error on iTunes corrupt backup for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Wheatear users are ready for backing up their iOS device (iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch) using iTunes, but many users encounter terrible errors likely back up corrupt, not enough free space, and session failed or backup couldn’t started etc. So if you’re one of them than get here alternate ways to solved iTunes backup trouble.

This kind of awkward error might occur due to the hard drive issue of your MacBook or PC. Cause almost happen due to absence of essential space on Mac or Windows.

Alternate ways on how to fix iTunes corrupt backup error for iPhone, iPad

We recommended best alternate way of backup you’ve to do at least one try to take backup using iCloud. At going

Settings app > iCloud > backup > Turn on iCloud Backup > then Tap on Back Up Now

How to fix iTunes corrupt backup for iPhone, iPad

That’s it. However, if you have got an issue relates to iCloud data Storage then you can do upgrade the iCloud Storage Plan. If you don’t wish to spend money on an upgrade plan and want to backing up using iTunes only then follow the below-outlined instructions carefully, we hope that makes your issue solver.

1st Way: Restart device

You’ve to need restarting your computer (MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, or other PC) and your iOS devices (iPhone, iPad Air, iPad Mini, and iPod Touch) too, that try to take Backup again.

2nd Way: Please unplug your other USB devices

Please remove each USB device from the Port and computer except only your iOS device, Keyboard, and mouse. At least make sure that your iOS device and computer connected directly.

3rd Way: Check your Windows Security

If you get error iTunes for windows stop responding or your baking up process never finishes, might that time you’ve to need to update configure, turn off, or uninstall your security software (Antivirus). mostly this is the major problem whenever iTunes corrupt backup arrives.

4th Way: perform reset lockdown Folder on Mac or Windows

In this way, you’ve to do reset the lockdown folder of your Computer- Mac or Windows. To get a start or Save your IOS device backup using iTunes. Know here how to reset the lockdown folder on Mac or Windows?

5th Way: try to take backup on another Computer

Once try to move with another computer or Mac and checkout. It’ll become also a useful and ideal way for you.

6th Way: last try for Free up Space

After mentioned above ways are not helpful for you then finally you need to Free up Storage space on your Mac or Windows. And start to take back up again.

That’s it. Please share your experience with us by means of which way has been useful for you out given 6 ways as fix iTunes corrupt backup error for iPhone, iPad. Stay tuned up with our site and get daily more problem-solving how-to tips.

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