How to fix Wi-Fi calling not working on iPhone 6S: iOS 9

The Apple is offers Wi-Fi calling feature on iPhone 5C and later released iPhones. Albeit, from your side you’ve to do check that your Smartphone carrier on which models are supported for Wi-Fi calling.  For example, in the United States (At&T, Sprint and T-mobile), in the UK (ee, Vodafone) and in Canada (bell, Rogers) carriers are gives Wi-Fi calling services to their users. On iPhone 6S sometimes if you start a call on WiFi and move out of the WiFi range the call will seamlessly move to a cell phone carrier.

But a curious thing is a so many users having a problem that the Wi-Fi calling not working on iPhone 6S. Even their carrier supports Wi-Fi calling future. If you’re one of them then get possible ways to do fix it. In Addition, you can’t make or turn off Wi-Fi calling then follow beneath given solutions carefully. And please remember wait two before you go from 1st workaround to the next. if you’ve iPhone, iPad running with iOS 8 then learn how to use Wi-fi calling iOS 8?

Alternate clues to fix Wi-Fi calling not working on iPhone 6S or iPhone 6: iOS 9

First workaround: Make confirm Wi-Fi calling is ON by following steps,

Step 1. Launch Settings app on your iPhone 6S

Step 2. Tap on Phone

Step 3. Tap on Wi-Fi calling

Now make sure that Wi-Fi calling slider is ON.How to fix Wi-Fi calling not working on iPhone 6S in iOS 9

If it’s already enabled, notwithstanding you’ve again same issue Wi-Fi calling not working on iPhone 6S. Then please try below given alternatively solutions.

Second Workaround: Restart your iPhone 6S

Follow the steps to restart iPhone 6S

Step 1. Press and hold on Sleep/wake button until the red slider appears.

Step 2. Then drag the slider to turn your iPhone 6S completely off.

Step 3. After the iPhone 6S turns off, Press and hold on Sleep/wake button again until you see the Apple way on how to restart iPhoen 6S, iPhoen 6S Plus in iOS 9

Now check out its working or not? If not then go for next.

Third Workaround: Try different Wi-Fi network

Try to connect your iPhone 6s with a different Wi-Fi network. Not all Wi-Fi networks work with Wi-Fi calling feature in iOS 9/iOS 8 devices.

Forth Workaround: do turn on/ turn off Wi-Fi calling slider

Turn Wi-Fi Calling Off and then turn on again

Steps: Settings > Phone > Wi-Fi calling

Fifth Workaround: Reset network Settings

Open up Settings app → General → Scroll down the Screen and tap ResetHow to reset network settings on iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus in iOS 9

→ it’ll be ask you enter you Passcode → now tap on Reset network Settings → then your iPhone will restart.How to reset network settings on iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus, iPad Air in iOS 9

Please Note: After performing reset network Settings this will delete all networks settings (Wi-Fi password), returning them to factory defaults.

So let’s give your reply in comment box and tell us which one way (to fix Wi-Fi calling not working on iPhone 6S) through you got success. Do you’ve any better solution then please let know at


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