how to format pendrive in mac OS X Ei Capitan: Delete USB Drive

Your USB pendrive or External drive not showing on Mac or Can’t format on OS X EI Capitan, OS X Yosemite running on iMac, MacBook, Mac Mini. here is the alternate options for delete/ Format pendrive in Mac OS X Ei Capitan using terminal/ cmd or without cmd command. in some case you need to format your drive, Pendrive showing full but you can’t show data inside there. Format in windows quite easy compare to OS X, For the new users haven’t any idea about how to format pendrive in Mac OS X EI Capitan. But you can do it easily through below steps.

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Steps for format pendrive in Mac OS X Ei Capitan or Yosemite

Format USB stick without Terminal on Mac

Step 1: Launch spotlight search (Command + Space). Type Disk Utility.

Open Disk Utility, USB drive will be show under External section. here you can see MyUSBDrive.

Now, Click on erase tab from top side. change format if you want otherwise set it default.Start Erase or Format USB Drive

Now you cleaned USB drive successfully, if you found some error or message on format pendrive in mac OS X Ei Capitan then you can choose Command option through terminal. Erase USB Drive on Mac OS X Yosemite

Format USB stick using terminal on Mac EI Capitan: Through Command

Step 1: Launch Spotlight search (Command + Space for Mac and Cltr + Space for windows). Type terminal.

Step 2: Type: diskutil list  Type command for start formate USB

For see all the disk partition present on your Mac (Internal and External). Here you needs to format external drive.

Then Type: diskutil eraseDisk JHFS+ BackupMaster disk2

Wait for a time, Until you see the below screen. format pendrive in mac OS X Ei Capitan

Now you done successfully format pendrive in mac OS X Ei Capitan, Yosemite running on Mac device.

Having any problem on Clean, delete date or format pendrive in mac OS X Ei Capitan or Yosemite share with us in below.