How to Get DELTA Emulator on iPhone: NO COMPUTER in 2021

Last Updated on Dec 26, 2020

Unlike other Emulators, DELTA Emulator is people’s choice to play retro games including Nintendo, GBA, and more. Previously, iOS users used to jailbreak the phone to download the content that is restricted by Apple and the Emulator Apps was the one. However, in this advanced era, it’s pointless to jailbreak the iPhone, when you’ve plenty of sources providing a secure platform to download the DELTA Emulator or other emulator apps. So get ready to play hand-held games anywhere anytime, without carrying bulky consoles everywhere you go.

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This tutorial is dedicated to the fellows who don’t want any trouble messing around the computer, but the straight way to download the DELTA emulator to iOS 14 and other iOS. This method doesn’t need any PC or software, right from your iPhone, you can download and install the DELTA emulator on your iPhone. Here’s how it can be done.

How to Download DELTA Emulator on iPhone

Part 1: Download DELTA Emulator on iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

  1. Visit the link and download the DELTA Emulator for your iOS device.
  2. Tap Get to start downloading the DELTA emulator.
  3. If the DELTA emulator isn’t installed due to some error, wait for a few minutes and try to install it again.
  4. Upon successful installation of the DELTA emulator, your iPhone may show a pop-up saying Untrusted Enterprise Developer, to resolve this error,
  • Open the Settings > General > Device Management and tap on the DELTA emulator certificate and tap Trust.
  1. Launch the DELTA emulator on your device.
  2. Now look at the top-left screen, tap on the Settings gear.
  3. Select the Syncing Service option and toggle Syncing ON.
  4. You can choose from Google Drive or Dropbox, to save the games when anything goes wrong or you decide to change the iOS device; using the backup you can continue from where you left.
  5. Sign In to whichever option you choose.
  6. If asked, then grant permission to store DELTA’s data in Google Drive or Dropbox.
  7. I’ve found that many people reported that DELTA stops working on iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch after several days, this happens with mostly all the applications that are installed from untrusted sources and not the App Store.
  8. But there is nothing to worry, since you have enabled Syncing and so the game data is already uploaded to your choose drive, Dropbox or Google Drive.
  9. Once again follow the same steps and download the DELTA emulator, which you can again enable Syncing and sign in to the Google Drive or Dropbox, the backup will automatically restore to the DELTA emulator.

Part 2: Download ROMs for DELTA Emulator

  1. As usual, to play GBA, NES and other games, open the website on your iPhone.
  2. Open the desired game you’d like to download.
  3. Tap the Download button.
  4. For iOS 12 or earlier: After the ZIP file is downloaded, tap on the More option and open in DELTA.
  5. For iOS 13: tap on the top-right corner on the download symbol.
  6. Tap on the ZIP file that is downloaded.
  7. On the upper-right corner, tap Select.
  8. Then select the ZIP file.
  9. Open the Share Sheet and in the end tap DELTA.
  10. You can save the game during the gameplay from the Menu.
  11. The Save State can be a resume, no need to start the game from scratch.

A word of Advice

If you have a PC, then follow our detailed tutorial on how to download AltStore, which is absolutely a reliable way to download the apps that are not available in the App Store.

The above method is unstable, as nobody wants to follow the tedious process again and again to download the DELTA emulator, but try the AltStore and enjoy the DELTA emulator all the time.

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