How to Get iPhone Replaced Under Warranty [Any iPhone]

🗓️ November 23, 2020 By ✍️ Jaysukh patelI am trying to give you best excuse to replace your brand new iPhone. The number of users and our readers asking us on, Can I get my iPhone replaced from Apple Store if it still covered under warranty? In reply we said this article: Apple has number of policy to get replaced its user devices such as Wi-Fi issue, hardware issues like camera, speaker, display malfunction, and manufacturing defects like rapid battery drain, face ID/ Touch ID fingerprint not working in these all cases the chance will be increased to replace your brand new Apple device which is covered under warranty.

In case of your device covered under warranty, then you should visit Apple authorized Store.

Right information you can get on Apple authorized Store near you ultimately this thing depending on what your warranty terms and condition as well what your state law is.

If it finds a minor issue in your case then it will repair your product or problems is significant then it will be getting replaced your iPhone iPad or iPod.

Quora users Say:

  • If your issue is genuine and cannot be fixed by repair, your iPhone is likely to get replaced for free.
  • For any physical damages like a broken display! You need to pay something around 20 percent of the mobiles price, and they will give you a new iPhone.
  • Or get it repaired for normal charges at the store!

And yes, visit a good and trustworthy store!

The in-vogue blog businessinsider mentioned that leaked document shows how Apple decides to replace or repair its user iPhone or other Products.

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A 22-page document recently leaked on Dropbox shows how Apple instructs its technicians and authorized service partners to inspect iPhones for repair and how to determine if they are eligible for an in-warranty repair (inexpensive), an out-of-warranty repair (more expensive), or if it’s a problem that Apple can’t fix (you need a new phone.)

More details on this you can get from here.

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