How to import contacts in iPhone from old SIM card to new SIM

Have you an old SIM card, and switching on new iPhone from older iPhone or other Smartphone. For iPhone and iPad import contacts from OLD SIM is quite simple. For that you can use inbuilt option given by apple under the iPhone settings option. To do this you have to do some copy operation from your old SIM card to new iPhone device. Here in this tutorial you will get all the information about import contacts in iPhone from old SIM.

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Steps to import contacts in iPhone from old SIM: Copy SIM to iPhone on iOS 8/7

1. Get OLD SIM card used in other smart phone or iPhone, iPad. And insert OLD SIM card in to new iPhone. Where you want copy contacts from SIM or trying to Import contacts in iPhone from old SIM.

Note: May be to use card on different device you have to Passcode unlock with valid Passcode, in case any security applied before.

2. Now Go the to the Setting option. Next move down and Tap on “Mail, Contacts and Calendars”.Way to Import contacts in iPhone from old SIM iPhone or other phone

3. Tap on “Import SIM contacts” that’s physical inserted. Now all Contact copied in your iPhone memory.

4. remove OLD SIM card after successfully import all contacts files. Next insert new SIM card.

All contacts you can see now under the contact dictionary.

Extra dose: We can also import/ transfer photos from SIM to iPhone by the below tips

Are you trying to import Photos from old iPhone then here is the way to Sync all photos from old iPhone to new iPhone or between iOS device.

For iOS device: First tack Backup using iTunes on your drive.

For Other OS: Copy folder from Phone drive to other drive.

To export all photos to new iPhone join it with USB cable. Under the device option your iPhone will be showing. Next open Device settings and Click on Photos, Brows photo by click on “Sync photos from”.

Choose folder and then Click OK.

Now iTunes will manage by copying the entire folder to your iPhone or iPad memory.

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Hope us; you have successfully Import contacts in iPhone from old SIM card running on iOS 7 or iOS 8.