How to Flip Camera, Send Message & Add/Join a group FaceTime Call on iPhone, iPad: iOS 12

Last Updated on Aug 7, 2018

iOS 12 brings up amazing updates and one of the eyes captured featured is Group FaceTime with the capacity of 32 peoples. Believe it or not, you can group FaceTime by adding more 31 members in iPhone and iPad. Besides, it is also considered as a significant update in macOS Mojave too. This function also supports the Mac and MacBook.

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Apart from video FaceTime, you can also go for the audio option with the same efficiency. So in this guide, we are explaining some major operations to take full advantage of FaceTime right from your iPhone and iPad on iOS 12. Note that you will only enjoy group FaceTime if you have updated the iPhone or iPad to the iOS 12. So let’s begin with how to join group FaceTime in iPhone/iPad.

This article is mainly focusing on How to join or left in Group video call.

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FaceTime Guide: Add or Join in Group FaceTime, Flip Camera, Do Chat on a Video call

7 How to use Face Time Group Video Call on iPhone for join or left, Flip camera, Mute microphone and more

1. How to Add members in FaceTime: Add New Group Member

Step #1: Launch the “FaceTime” app on your iOS device.

Step #2: Start FaceTime with one person as usual.

Step #3: Now to add more members in FaceTime tap on “Three Dots” next to Red Cross button.

Step #4: At the last, you can see “Add Person” option is available.

Step #5: Type the name of the person or tap on (+) to select and add.

1 Add Person in FaceTime Video call on iPhone

Note: Only Admin person can add members to group FaceTime. If you try to add members in group FaceTime, you will encounter that contacts are greyed out. So don’t panic if you see contacts are greyed out or unable to add another person to join your Group FaceTime.

2. How to Flip camera on FaceTime

Step #1: Once you begin the FaceTime call, tap on “Three Dots” to bring up more options.

2 FaceTime more option on iPhone

Step #2: Next to Red Cross you will find an option “Flip”.

Step #3: Tap on it to the Flip camera on FaceTime in your iPhone and iPad.

3 Flip FaceTime Camera on iPhone

Note: If you want to disable camera then below Flip there is one icon available which says camera off, tap to turn off the camera.

3. How to Send Messages during FaceTime

Step #1: On your current screen during FaceTime tap on “Three Dots”.

Step #2: Then you have to tap on 5 peoples in conversation.

4 Do Chat While on FaceTime Group Face Time video call on iPhone

There are 5 because I had group FaceTime with five peoples.

4. How to Mute Microphone on FaceTime

Step #1: When you will successfully join the group or start FaceTime with your friend tap on “Three Dots” and then select “mute” from the options in iPhone. However, if you have iPad, then the “mute” option is available on the FaceTime screen only.

5 Mute FaceTime Video or Mute Microphone on Group Face Time video call on iPhone

5. How to use effects on FaceTime

Step #1: Start “FaceTime”.

Step #2: Now, tap on the “effects icon” which is near to the Red Cross.

6 Use Face Time Effects on iPhone

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Explore and get more guidance on how to use Effect on FaceTime.

Step #3: From there you will get so many variants to add effects like Animoji’s, Filters, Text Messages, Shapes and much more third-party applications which is installed on your iPhone and iPad.

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