How to make Free Call on Sprint Wi-Fi service on your iPhone in 2023

Free Call on Sprint Wi-Fi network with iOS 8.3 update

No cost to use free call on Sprint Wi-Fi from your iOS device officially released by sprint carrier mostly in the United States. Before that, you need to know some official points declared by Sprint. Now made Wi-Fi calling easy on your iPhone with the latest iOS update. Use free calling on your device registered as a Sprint customer will get a notification on the sprint contact number for update iOS apps for free Wi-Fi calling service.

From the news Sprint growing fast compare to another wireless network in competition because Sprint is started at first in free of cost. And the other news update is Sprint establish thousands of new towers over the night to improve Wi-Fi calling performance near to you.

Sprint guaranteed service allows for unlimited free Wi-Fi call when you have a limited data plan for cellular service.Free Call on Sprint Wi-Fi network with iOS 8.3 update

No limitation for international Wi-Fi call by sprint

If Sprint customer travel internationally then can call to the US and other 200 more countries worldwide but some selected countries not allowed for Wi-Fi calling governed by country low, excluded countries are Sudan, Syria, Iran, Singapore, India, North Korea, Australia, Cuba, and China.

From the total, 56 million + of users can take advantage of a perfect compatible iOS devices clarify above. One of the trusted Brands around you, So What’s to join a new Plan and Contract Device as of your budget.

How to update iPhone for Free Call on Sprint Wi-Fi plan

After the update, you can’t able to start Free Call on Sprint Wi-Fi network that updates your network APN settings by

  • Open the Settings App
  • Tap General
  • Click About.

And update recommended software or iOS, For More about Change/ Update iPhone APN setting given here.

Amazing start by Sprint for future enhancement by making Free Call on Sprint Wi-Fi in cellular services, performance, not given by alternate wireless network before Sprint technology.

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