How to Make iPhone XR Ring Louder: For Incoming Call Boost Ringtone Volume

Can't hear iPhone XR ringtone? No worries, there are few ways to make iPhone XR Ring louder for incoming calls, here's how to do it.

Why my iPhone XR doesn’t Ring louder? Is that a question raising in your mind, am I right? If yes, then read on the article to make iPhone XR Ring Louder. Many times due to minor bug the iPhone volume goes quiet and slowly-slowly it becomes dead as no one can hear it. Have you ever think about why this happens? The iPhone XR ring goes quiet because of hardware issues, dust, and much more factors affect iPhone XR Ringer Volume.

Before proceeding further, make sure the mute button isn’t activated, or you can activate and deactivate the mute buttons twice or thrice to fix the problem. Another thing is to check if you have enabled the Do Not Disturb Mode, because when iPhone is on DND mode, there is no chance the iPhone will ring a bit. However, try to increase the Volume of iPhone by pressing the Volume Up button. Keep in mind that press the Volume up button from the Home screen.

If you will increase the Volume by opening the application, then Ringer Volume will not increase instead the volume of that particular application will go high.

Follow the Below steps, and find the positive solutions, Also check is there any issues with iPhone Speaker is low and Troubleshoot it.

Troubleshooting Tips That Help in iPhone XR Ring Louder:

Make iPhone Ring Louder
Make iPhone Ring Louder

Tip 1: Disable Attention Aware Feature

The Attention Aware Feature consumes all the power of the iPhone in order to scan your face. So why not disable it to make iPhone XR ring louder. Once you disable it, iPhone XR won’t look for your face and it will not quiet the ringer volume as well.

Step #1: Go to the “Settings” app.
Step #2: Locate and tap “Face ID & Passcode”.
Step #3: Tap “Attention Aware Features” and turn it off.

Tip 2: Turn the Ringer Volume Up

It may be possible that someone unknowingly decreased the Ringer Volume of your iPhone. So to make sure this isn’t the reason behind low ringer volume on iPhone XR follow the steps.

Step #1: Launch the “Settings” app.
Step #2: Tap “Sounds & Haptics”.
Step #3: Below the Ringer & Alerts, drag the slider to Turn Up the Ringer Volume on iPhone.

In addition, if you would like to adjust the Ringer Volume on iPhone, enable the “Change with Buttons”. Once you turn on that feature, you can now control the Volume of iPhone with Physical Volume Buttons.

Use your Own louder custom ringtone on Phone XR, or Select More loud ring from the hundreds of different types or built-in ringtone music.

You can convert any mp3 file into m4r online, After that Sync the music to your iPhone using iTunes on Mac or PC [HD Sound Quality gives the best result as a Ringtone on iPhone].

Tip 3: Visit the Apple Store

Still, iPhone XR Ringer Volume is low, then it might be possible there is hardware damage occurred on your iPhone. Ultimately you have only one option left that is to contact and get assistance from Apple Technicians.

NOTE: If your call volume is low on iPhone XR, then make a call to your friend or anyone and once the opponent picks up the call, press the Volume Up button it will increase the Volume of an incoming call on iPhone XR.

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